Products to increase potency in men

On the sexual possibilities of the man different factors: genetics, diet, environmental conditions, Stress, taking medicines and this affects the presence of chronic diseases. Men, as a rule, the importance of diet for the preservation of erectile function is know.

Fish for the potency

There are certain products for the potency and its improvement, which will help maintain the Libido at a high level. Others, on the contrary, have a negative effect on your erection, but also on the level of male hormones, which affects the health.

Fish and seafood

For increase the potency of men should be first and foremost, in the diet foods rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Fish and seafood are excellent for this purpose, they are also rich in zinc and selenium, trace elements that have a positive impact on sexual function. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids in fish, involved in the synthesis of testosterone.

Recent studies have shown, in men, the increased in a sufficient amount of Vitamin D and the essential trace elements, the levels of male hormones, which influence the strength of the erection. Very useful for the potency of types of fish and sea fruits:

  • Flounder;
  • Mackerel;
  • Halibut;
  • Trout;
  • Mussels;
  • Squid;
  • Sardines;
  • Oysters;
  • Shrimp.

Oysters not only help to quickly create sexual desire, but will delay Finish at the bed. You are able to make up for the lost potency significantly improve or weak. The great Casanova ate for Breakfast, about 50 oysters, but people with Diabetes, and diseases of the gastrointestinal should tract you eat these gifts of the sea with great care. To follow not on a diet should Casanova, if these fruits of the sea for the people, and he never oysters eaten in such quantities.

Flow-fish is better to choose the Navy, it is useful amino acids and minerals. Cooking recommend for a couple, so the food and all the valuable substances remain, and consumes less unwanted calories in the Form of oil for frying.

Products for potency

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich in beneficial fiber, and vitamins and trace elements, improve the blood circulation. Often pathology of the blood is the cause for impotence and lack of strength of the erection vessels. In a state of arousal in a healthy man's sex organs begin, reinforced by bleeding, but in the case of chronic diseases of the circulatory process is disturbed, which leads to a lack of erections.

Potency, boost the following vegetables:

  1. Chili;
  2. Beet;
  3. Celery;
  4. Ginger root;
  5. Asparagus;
  6. Salad;
  7. Pumpkin;
  8. Turnip;
  9. Horseradish;
  10. Avocado.

Salad and herbs are rich in Magnesium and beet nitrites, which is converted in the body into nitric oxide. This substance relaxes the walls of blood vessels and expands them improves blood flow and erection. For the improvement of the potency recommend drinking a daily glass of freshly squeezed beet juice.

Beet and pumpkin — one of the cheapest vegetables on the market, for men and their use enormously. Amino acids, in the fruits and seeds have an influence on the attraction to the opposite sex, increases Libido and normalize the nervous system.

Chile pepper contains a substance Capsaicin, which has a positive influence on spermatogenesis. To support only 2 mg of sharp spices, per day, sexual function, this is equivalent to about a quarter of the peppers are medium-sized.

The root of ginger that is in a large diet to restore reproductive health of both men and women. In this product is biologically active substances, muscle building the body as a whole and may impact on the formation of sperm and ova.are

Potency can increase and some fruits:

  • Figs;
  • Watermelon;
  • Strawberry;
  • Bananas;
  • Lemons and oranges;
  • Grapes.
citrus fruit for potency

In the East figs are considered to be a potent aphrodisiac, and the grape is used for the treatment of male infertility. Useful not only berries, but also fresh-squeezed juice from them. Orange and yellow fruits often contain Lutein, it increases the level of testosterone in the blood. The effect only works on men, women can still increase it's lemons and oranges in large quantities of this in the body of male sex hormones to.

Herbs, herbs and spices

Many spices and herbs are considered natural aphrodisiacs. The various peoples of the world uses it in their recipes to increase the sexual activity and the Stimulation of sexual pleasure. They contribute to the fast excitation and strong erections.

Better add them in small quantities in normal food and hot drinks, which is not only good for health, but also enriches the taste of the usual dishes:

  • Thyme;
  • Cumin;
  • Basil;
  • Garlic;
  • St. John's wort.

The use of St. John's wort for men known since ancient times, this herb added to tea and prepared it decoctions, to convert the energy and Libido.

St. John's wort is particularly useful for those who learns to live in constant Stress, great emotional and physical stress. The plant relieves fatigue, improves the mood and gives the sex drive.


Garlic and some other spices do not cause positive emotions for the companion of the man, if he will eat directly before a date. However, the regular consumption of these products gives men power, enough to add the herbs in the food only once a day and immediately before intercourse, you do without for a couple of hours.

We must remember, not all spices and herbs are useful for potency. You should not send in the bowl or tea all that it's under the Hand. There are a number of medicinal plants, the erection opposite effect.

Bee products

Of all bee products, it is best the efficacy of honey and pollen increase, you will have a beneficial effect on the blood flow to the sex organs and promote the production of testosterone.

All bee products are useful for men, but just in Perge contains valuable protein, the life for normal sexual. Fructose and Glucose that is in it exists, will be much more useful, peeled refined sugar. Best male Dessert for increase of a potentiality — honey, mixed with walnuts or almonds.


Many kinds of nuts contain arginine, an amino acid, to improve the blood circulation. For the preservation of the male, it makes you raw or roasted, mixed with milk products or with honey. The most useful nuts for potency:

  1. Almond;
  2. Nutmeg;
  3. Pistachios;
  4. Walnuts and pine nuts.
Milk products

Health-food enthusiasts prefer to cook with almond milk, and then drink it or add it in Smoothies and Desserts. The greatest effect you can achieve with a mixture of nuts, dried fruits and honey.

Milk products

Fresh and natural milk products are very useful, in them there is not only enough protein, but also minerals, vitamins. Very valuable for the reproductive organs are:

  • Clotted;
  • Quark;
  • Kefir;
  • Smetana;
  • Cheese.

You, milk, observe the products, except for the protein, often contain a lot of fat, the same over the nuts. In small quantities these substances is good for the body, but surplus is detrimental. It not only leads to rapid weight gain, but also a bad influence on erectile function. You should as a medicinal product in the recommended dose, you benefit, but excess of doses undesirable.


Milk or white chocolate FR does not work the increase of a potentiality, only dark. It is in cocoa a unique chemical substances that in humans, the secretion of endorphins, similar to hormones, in the case of people in love.

In the dark chocolate the percentage of cocoa is much higher than in the dairy. Better bitter cocoa and higher tiles with 70%, in which little sugar and unwanted fat.

Olive oil

Olive oil

Already in Ancient Greece to increase the potency of olive oil used. Fats, in particular vegetable, is very important for the reproductive System, without it, not the normal production of sperm. Men should be careful, for you a sufficient amount in the diet, may suffer sexual function.

Olive oil is the best for the lack of unsaturated fatty acids. It is a cure for cardiovascular system. Experts always recommend you keep it in the kitchen and use them in different dishes.

For the amplification of the potency rates you have to cook a mixture of olive oil, garlic and other spices. Sauce, salad Dressing or just eat with fresh wholemeal bread without yeast.


Coffee and beverages, it is useful for the potency only in moderate doses. Excess refreshing drinks, on the contrary, the people, the forces and acts on the cardiovascular System. Do not drink more than 1-2 cups of strong coffee a day.


Caffeine relaxes the smooth muscles, which improves erectile function, and activates the production of sperm. There have been studies carried out that showed that men who daily consume 1-2 cups of coffee, stay longer sexually active.

Products that you should avoid

Men, disturbed potency Problem, should exclude from the diet a number of products. This primarily relates to food and beverage, the natural estrogens, is:

  • Soy products (Tofu, milk, Butter, sauces, and pastes);
  • Beer;
  • Legumes;
  • Fat Meat;
  • Corn oil and soybean oil;
  • Sugary Sodas;
  • Alcohol and energy;
  • White yeast bread and pastries.
  • Mixture of Butter, sugar, and yeast in baked goods is strong, the synthesis of testosterone slows down. Each of these products individually undesirable, and your mix only amplified the negative effects.

To reduce to a Minimum the consumption of salt and sugar, as well as products with a high content of cholesterol, fat and fried in oil dishes:

harmful products
  1. Sausages and products from fatty meats;
  2. Liver pate;
  3. Fast Food (hamburgers, Pizza, fried potatoes, etc.);
  4. Butter and Margarine;
  5. Cheese (in greater numbers);
  6. Egg yolk.

Potency promoting well-balanced and nutritious diet. If the Libido of the man is just a product chooses and do not neglect the Rest of the way to achieve the effect.

An imbalance of nutrients in the body will sooner or later make itself felt in the Form of an increased fatigue and lack of strength. Who cares about the male health, should be in the diet all the useful products for potency, with each of them in meaningful quantities.