The fast-acting Folk remedies for the improvement of potency

One of the diseases in men, which is more common in middle age and older, an impotence, that is, the inability to save an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, or even the lack of an erection. Such problems can be adjusted with the help of drugs. But men thought about the side effects of the application of the drugs, believe that the means for the potency help you quickly and effectively for you.

This is a sensitive issue of difficulties in the personal lives of the two partners can add to. "Crap" can happen and with each young man to a strong fatigue, Stress, a lack of mineral salts and vitamins, but also very necessary natural active substances in the body. The cause can serve the purpose of alcohol abuse and even sleep deprivation.

The fastest popular means to improve potency

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency

Mother nature has ordained for men the so-called aphrodisiacs — substances, in a short, almost instantaneous time, a strong aphrodisiac effect on the man. They were since ancient times to strengthen the sexual desire and, above all, opportunities. These products contain substances that the number of allocated sex hormones and blood flow to the genitals. You are quickly in a few hours.

We consider aphrodisiacs to be more precise:

  • Garlic contains the Mineral selenium. Its beneficial properties include an increase in blood circulation in the organs, which increases the potency and prolongs the erection;
  • Onions — after properties similar to garlic;
  • Celery contains a hormone responsible for the potency and secondary sexual characteristics (Androsterone);
  • Parsley — regulates the hormonal balance of the male body by substances, allowing the level of testosterone (the male hormone) Apigenin;
  • Dill — has the property of expanding blood vessels, which causes the blood flow to the male organs. In addition, also contains vitamins and minerals;
  • Honey and walnuts — a natural Viagra, promotes the production of testosterone;
  • Mussels and oysters contain a lot of zinc. A few pieces of oysters provide the necessary daily Norm of zinc for humans;
  • Ginger — in addition to increasing the potency, helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in men.

Spices, increase male potency: Curry and cloves, and vanilla, cumin and rosemary. You can add in ready dishes, or use in the preparation of vegetable broths.

The recipes of the folk medicine, the reinforcing men's Features:

  1. Drink made from honey and red wine — this combination yet known from the Ancient Russia. Mixed honey, red wine and Aloe juice in a ratio of 3:2:1, you can see the seeds of the parsley. Mixture is within 12 days.
  2. Drink of honey and carrot juice, better also add the ginger. The drink was 0.5 kg of walnuts, 300 G of honey and 100 ml of Aloe juice, or carrots. Drink before meals to 30 g.
  3. Mulled wine for the strengthening of a potentiality — a drink made from red wine and dried fruits. First, a mixture of dried fruits (raisins, prunes, apricots — each to 100g) 1 tablespoon of sugar is, preferably, add the cardamom and the cinnamon and other spices. Mixture of red wine and pour over low heat and heated for a whole hour. Eat better, either before dinner or for a quick exposure before the sexual intercourse. Immediate effect is.
  4. Honey applications so made. First, 200 G of honey diluted in 1 litre of warm water, then with a solution of a napkin set on the basis of the male organ. Best twice a day for 10 minutes.
  5. Decoction with Ginseng. This plant is not for nothing called "root of love". For the decoction of the root 100g 0.5 liters of water and 2 days cast can pull. Then, the mixture will need 4 hours to cook on low heat and add 1 et seq. of the honey and cinnamon. The decoction is carried out after the meal to 100 g.
  6. Also in the case of impotence, issued decoctions, or other types of potions from the root of the calamus, Dubrovnik and nettle. For example, one of the ways to increase male power — mix the seeds of nettles, and the softened Pre-banana, very tasty.

You should be aware of?

the increase of a potentiality

In the treatment of male impotence folk medicine, to a few guidelines, remember to get rid of these problems not only through the use of special herbs and drinks:

  • Man should so far as possible to healthy lifestyle, sleep at least 8 hours of the day, to lead an active life, eat properly;
  • You will need to completely eliminate alcohol, to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea, fatty and fried foods;
  • Present In your diet raw vegetables and fruits, root vegetables (especially radishes, radish, beetroot, carrot, ginger) will be;
  • Medical properties of honey and walnuts (up to 1 Cup per day, drinking goat's milk), the male desire and the ability;
  • In the schedule of the week you need to deliver "Bad Day" or the day of the recording "sun-bathing" (especially in the summer).

And in the end...

Popular recipes and recommendations for the solution of such an intimate question, there are very many. Must pick up yourself and empirical. You can find your own recipe, the male force, it is not necessary to forget, that the most important thing to help strengthen the male potency — is this the love.

Love you and more male power!