So you increase the potency

The question is, how in house conditions it is possible to increase quickly and efficiently to its potency, up to date until today. In the adult age due to changes in the male body and, more specifically, with the decrease in the testosterone, a frequent occurrence is the reduction of sexual activity and reducing the potency. This is the Problem of many representatives of a strong half worried. Testes produce sex hormones, to reduce to forty five significantly their activity. Cause is often used in the management of a wrong lifestyle, constant Stress situations, redundancy, weight, the presence of diseases, lack of adequate exercise, "chronic" lack of sleep.


Reduction Technology

Checked In practice, special techniques potency allow you to be quickly back at home in normal condition and lead a fairly active sex life.

Scope and presses

One such technique includes the implementation of the scope with the fingers (thumb, index, middle) of the Penis to the base before a Rendezvous in case of sluggish reactions to your favorite. Such a procedure has long been known. It promotes the filling of the vessels with blood. Such a "Harness" is not cleaned prior to the start of the frictions.


To know, such as the strengthening of potency to home, you must be familiar with the recommendations of the experts, in the first place a high value on straightforward physical exercises. They are necessary for increasing the blood flow in sexual organ, by its "firmness" and perseverance. These are:

  • The regular squats with the return to the starting position;
  • The break through started with the lifting of each knee alternately in the right angle to the belly. The Position of the hands on the belt. Tight as on this Parade;
  • "Keep the stone," what to put for the hands on the belt that point, and the legs on the width of the shoulders. Not be crouching up to the stop. This provision allows a maximum strain and relax the buttocks;
  • You lift your pelvis up from a lying Position and back down. On the back there, back. You can touch the ground;
  • The break through of wheel movements, lying on his back. The hands part are located on the waist. Bend the knees slightly and lift feet off the floor. The Rotation perform kicked;
  • The Training of the inner muscles of the pelvis lying on the back. Easy to bend and spread her knees. Alternately tensing and relaxing the muscles in the crotch area to the coccyx buttocks without effort. If the exercise is performed correctly, it is at this point, a pleasant warmth spreads;
  • Running on the spot, without socks of the surface, useful for increasing the blood flow in the pelvic area.

Continuous execution of the exercises brings tangible benefits. Five, then ten minutes daily for seven days to bear fruit. Exercise can perfectly distract from unpleasant thoughts, and increase the male force.

The right choice of love float

Means for potency

The position "man on top" in many ways, promotes a rush of blood to the genitals. Therefore, it is better to give preference to. If it is uncomfortable, somewhat upright Position in the case of sexual acts contributes no less to their successful passage. The position of the woman, if it is based on your hands and knees, and the man is on the back standing or on the knees, very good for home power fast increase Penis and increase potency. Also promotes and improves the male Libido attitude, where a woman, lying on the back, the legs on the shoulders of the man that he is, in turn, your face.

Training for pubococcygeus muscles

Strong erections and increase Libido for woman special Training muscles to help in many ways in the situation of laxity in the reproductive male Organ. This muscle helps to control and stop the molding at the drain. The importance of this muscle is that it:

  • Provides stamina;
  • Improves the blood flow to the organs intercourse involved;
  • Promotes the achievement of the testosterone levels at the right level;

This exercise provides increased potency and benefit all, regardless of there are a Person has problems in bed, or not. For the determination of the place where the muscle, stop the beam when empty and then you renew urinate, don't hold your breath. Such training long, short can be carried out, where and whenever you want. They are invisible to the eyes of the other.

Stand on the tips of your toes

The wisdom of the ancestors, was that the toilet that you have committed, to stand on the tips of your toes. This helps keep your back straight. The liquid occurs freely at a leisurely exhale. Gritted teeth, and also the tensions in the abdominal and gluteal muscles, improve the function ability of the kidneys, promote the treatment of male misery to maintain.

Useful Recommendations

You should keep the seed during intercourse, avoid it to a very fluid process. This deterrence has a positive effect on potency, especially in a respectable age. For boys this is not a Problem – quickly restored, and the Mature men "abstinence" from the last action, increases Libido and activity.

If you want to the potency of folk medicine increase, then you keep these simple rules in mind:

  • Exercise the muscles of the abdomen is the best indicator of the sexual art;
  • Pay attention to the diet eat. Presence on the table ginger, fish oil, bananas, lemons, dishes made of chicken, oysters very practical. Do not deny yourself of cooked flounder and mackerel. More Veal, Seafood. Folk remedies, the prescribed consumption of turnip greens, nuts, eggs from chickens and perepelok, the ability to increase the implementation of the full-fledged sexual contact;
  • You can massage the area in the vicinity of the testicles. They provide the body with the necessary energy, producing sex hormones, provide advantages during Sex. The most common Massage is (also) very useful;
  • More barefoot running, or you make the mustard. This enabled the points on the sole of the foot;
  • Better volunteer to be on the bus, alcohol is a bad helper in this matter;
  • An excellent means of exchange showers. Has a beneficial effect on the entire body and promotes the working ability of the male organs in particular. Pay attention to this in the morning and in the evening, and feel the rush of male energy. Use of the Sauna and steam baths are also good at improving blood flow in the genitals.
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The use of tinctures

Tincture of hawthorn, Dubrovnik, Schisandra enough effective natural means for strengthening the male power. In addition, they are completely harmless and do not cause allergies. Some easy recipes with other ingredients of plant origin.


In the recipes of the arc plays an important role. In the treatment of this disease as a sexual enhancer, you can use the following recipe. Two finely chop the onions and give infusions in 400ml of cooled boiled water for about four hours. Drain and split into four doses during the day.


They are well crushed and mixed with fresh honey. The proportion of one-to-one. After every meal enough to eat two small spoons set, squeezed milk. After the end of the month their potency, thanks to the folk medicine, is with his consistency.


Enough very small amounts — 0.16 grams, dissolved in one large tablespoon of warm water. This solution is particularly useful in the morning hours before a meal or in the evening before bedtime. For nine days the results will amaze you, increasing attraction to the beautiful half of humanity.


The psychological training

It is no secret that a good recovery has a positive effect on the mental state and relaxation. The harmony of the people is very important for the male Libido. Keep a positive attitude, not to engage in negative emotions. The main thing – not to create an aggressive mood. Often boring urban hustle and bustle to change the recreation in the nature. You avoid conflicts with your Partner, and not it comes to a dispute, mutual cooling. Leave it to the people are optimistic and strengths.