Smoking as a factor in the development of potency problems

Smoking is a process by which a person inhales the smoke of smoldering tobacco (fermented and dried or processed leaves) enclosed in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs. Tobacco smoke contains psychoactive substances - stimulants that cause mild euphoria in both men and women.

According to the data of numerous studies, smoking has a negative effect on all systems of the human body, including the sexual sphere. For men, this is a destructive process that causes problems of a sexual nature and eventually leads to infertility, a violation of the quality of sex.

The quality of potency in smoking men

Many men are interested in the question of how smoking affects potency, and you can answer it in one word - negative.

First, there is an impairment of the brain, since nicotine causes vasodilatation in this area. Of course, at first this helps to improve sexual energy and increase sexual stamina, but over time the branches narrow, which forms pathological conditions.

These include general malaise, increased drowsiness, decreased libido. A man loses his sexual desire for a partner, he often refuses sexual intercourse. If you smoke for 5-10 years, the vascular branches get used to a constricted state, which leads to a complete disruption of the reproductive system.

Dangerous composition of tobacco products

The harm of nicotine to male potency is due to the harmful composition of smoke, which contains many chemicals, including carcinogens and compounds that increase the risk of developing oncological processes in the male reproductive system.

Cigarette smoke contains gaseous elements and particulate matter. The first include:

  • Carbon dioxide and monoxide (oxide is a colorless gas that binds more strongly to hemoglobin than oxygen).
  • Hydrocyanic acid (affects intracellular metabolism by inhibiting the activity of iron-containing enzymes in tissues that transport oxygen from the bloodstream to their cells).
  • Acrolein (causes inflammatory processes in the body, especially in the bladder, disruption of the central nervous system, respiratory system).

Other gaseous components include hydrogen sulfide, nitrobenzene, isoprene, ammonium, acetone.

The solid components of cigarette smoke include nicotine, water, tar (tar). The latter contains a large amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which affect the development of oncological processes in humans.

The main component of tobacco products for which it is used is nicotine. This is not only a natural component, but also a powerful drug that causes gradual dependence.

Attention! Nicotinic acid is considered a poison, it can get into the bloodstream, accumulate in the internal organs and cause a malfunction in their activity. The acid is similar to arsenic in its effect, but is three times stronger than it.

Once nicotine enters the brain, it affects the nervous system, causing symptoms such as persistent headaches, dizziness, and, in the case of intoxication, nausea and vomiting. In a severe case, convulsive syndrome and unconsciousness occur.

Among the solid components of nicotine, metals can be named: sodium, potassium, lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, antimony, cadmium, arsenic, gold, chromium.

The Effect of Cigarettes on Male Sexual Power

The concepts of smoking and potency in men are directly related. First of all, when inhaling tobacco smoke, the cardiovascular system suffers, the branches narrow, which causes circulatory disorders. This consequence of smoking causes problems in the activity of the sex organs.

Numerous reviews of smokers and non-smokers on the relevant forums agree that the negative effects of smoking on potency appear years or even later. And that's a myth.

In reality, the damage from smoking is done to the body on the very first day of abusing the habit. Potency suffers immediately: fertility (reproductive ability), male vigor is disturbed, other pathological processes develop in the reproductive system.

drug use and potency

No less negatively affects the reproductive system from smoking narcotics: hashish, marijuana, other grass (in common people - "plan"). Turning to statistics, we can conclude: the longer a person abuses such a habit, the slower the production and maturation of sperm becomes. Similar studies were conducted in Germany, examining thousands of tissue samples from the testicles of deceased drug addicts.

A bad habit contributes to the narrowing of the vas deferens and epithelium, and this is a direct route to disrupting sperm production. When a teenager or an adult is addicted to cocaine, already after 2 years the motility of the gametes decreases, the degree of their presence in the biological fluid. With prolonged drug abuse, altered sperm increase in volume. Studies on heroin showed a similar result.

It is important to know! The cause of disorders in the reproductive system is due to a general decrease in the volume of the presence of the hormone testosterone in the blood. With abuse of cannabis (marijuana), reproductive function decreases, spermatozoa are damaged, which later contributes to the occurrence of chromosomal disorders in the child.

Nicotine and erectile dysfunction: statistics

According to the results of social tests, the question of whether smoking affects potency in men can be answered unequivocally in the affirmative. An important condition on which the extent of the disorder depends is the duration of the habit. In heavy smokers, potency is significantly reduced, while in young addicts there are only slight signs of violations in this area, to which they often do not pay attention.

Quitting smoking helps restore potency in men

Statistical data speaks of the possibility of a full recovery from violations after giving up a bad habit. When abused for 5 years or less, recovery to sexual health occurs within a few months. In a heavy smoker who has been smoking for 10-20 years, potency improves much later.

Rarely, recovery of potency after quitting smoking does not occur at all. This applies to people aged 55-65 years, as well as those with vascular diseases, hematopoietic function and alcohol abuse.

Improving potency after quitting a bad habit

Having learned how a cigarette affects potency, not everyone is in a hurry to turn to a specialist to get rid of a bad habit. Of course, therapy can be carried out at home, but qualified treatment is most effective.


After you quit smoking, it's important to take care of your diet. Certain foods have a positive effect on sexual power, which is confirmed by leading urologists-andrologists. In addition, certain foods increase testosterone levels. It contains walnuts, dairy, pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Honey, spinach, garlic, onion, pomegranate also help well.

It is important to replenish the normal amount of protein in the body, which has a positive effect on sexual function and reduces the risk of impotence. These products include lean fish, other seafood, cottage cheese and cheese, beef. However, coffee should be excluded from the diet.

Psychotherapeutic Sessions

Psychotherapy will help you to get rid of erectile dysfunction quickly. This applies to cases when the pathology occurs in combination with mental problems. When one source of sexual disorders is eliminated (smoking), the second, which is in the head, requires additional therapeutic measures.

Mental problems can be caused by chronic lack of sleep, quarrels in the family or at work, stress. The psychotherapist helps a person deal with such situations and change his attitude towards them. This not only improves general well-being, but also sexual function.

Therapeutic exercises help men improve potency

Massage and exercise therapy

Massage helps normalize blood flow in the muscles and organs of the reproductive system, which improves potency in vascular diseases. In addition, this technique helps to increase the sensitivity of the penis, relieve spasms and correct mental mood.

Therapeutic exercises are aimed at strengthening the perineal muscles, correcting blood flow in this area and facilitating the onset of an erection. It is recommended to do exercise therapy every day until the violations are completely eliminated.


Some drugs help improve potency, but not all are safe and effective. Many of the funds have a cumulative effect and are intended for emergencies. Before choosing a remedy, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disorders, on the basis of which treatment is selected.

Drugs to improve potency, including dietary supplements (BAA), are selected only by a doctor. Self-medication in such cases is strictly prohibited.

Quit smoking fast: helpful tips

First of all, it is advisable to say "no" to alcoholic beverages and coffee - the first companions of smoking. This is especially true for office workers who are used to coffee breaks. If you want to smoke during a break, it is better to do this processto replace it with the use of menthol or mint candy, which can be bought in any store. In addition, the price of candy will be significantly lower than cigarettes, which is considered an advantage.

Advice! Quitting smoking abruptly is not recommended. In this case, the heart is under a lot of strain and problems with organ activity can even lead to a heart attack. This should be done gradually, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked each day.

It is recommended to exclude situations that lead to smoking: stress, evening gatherings with smoking friends, etc. It is better to throw away the ashtray and other items that could remind you of a bad habit.


Smoking is a harmful process that negatively affects the activity of the whole organism. Potency in men is no exception. In addition to the fact that a person's sexual desire decreases, sex becomes less frequent and reproductive disorders occur, which reduces the likelihood of fertilization of a female egg. Therefore, smoking must be excluded from life.