All about vitamins for men and vitamins for potency

To rule out problems with the potency and the sexual sphere, it is worth to know all the vitamins for men and what products are your sources. Thanks to this information, the husband is able to support the immune system, saturate the body with necessary resources for the smooth operation of the genitourinary system.

Vitamins for men

Vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements – these are exactly the resources that the full working of every Organ, System. Potency and erection is directly materials, depending on the group of vitamins and minerals, many of them from different foods or Vitamin complexes. Experts ranked the best Vitamin supplements for potency.

The use of vitamins for the body

For the improvement of the potency and for the improvement of immunity are necessary substances, a lot of groups of vitamins and minerals, because in this area, many of the systems and processes. In the case of lack of any substance in the plant of an organ, slowed down, pulling an additional load on a different body, what will happen to errors and faults.

The most important for the whole body, the following vitamins shall apply:

  • Retinol – Vitamin A;
  • Thiamine – Vitamin B1;
  • Riboflavin – Vitamin B2;
  • Pyridoxine – Vitamin B6;
  • Cyanocobalamin – Vitamin B12;
  • Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C;
  • Tocopherol – Vitamin E;
  • Calciferol – Vitamin D;
  • Fillohinon — Vitamin K;
  • Bioflavonoids – Vitamin P.

All of the listed chemical elements is a more biologically active substances for normal life activity of the organism of the people. They all support the metabolism, protect the body from pathogens, makes the people mentally and physically practicable.

The Norm of consumption

Each Vitamin contains the individual functions in the human body, which means that should be applied in a certain quantity. Otherwise, it can be observed that the scarcity and overabundance of vitamins, and this entails a disorder of the body.

Experts appreciated the exact numbers daily dose for each Vitamin, namely:

  • A — 5000 IU;
  • B1 – 2 mg;
  • B2 – 3 mg;
  • B3 – 20 mg;
  • B5 – 10 mg;
  • B6 – 2 mg;
  • B9 – 200 µg;
  • Ascorbic acid
  • B12 – 2 micrograms;
  • PP – 10 mg;
  • With 60-80 mg;
  • D — 100 IU;
  • E – 30 IU;
  • P – 20-50 mg;
  • K – 100 micrograms;
  • H — 200 µg.

All specified components are in certain foods, in addition, the modern medicine offers synthetic analogues of Vitamin pills and capsules. Due to the vitamins are divided into water-soluble, fat-soluble vitamins and Vitamin-like components. And the specified consumption values guarantee a trouble-free function of the whole organism.

The necessary vitamins for men

The male body is a little different than the female anatomy, the structure, the functioning and the needs, including the vitamins. Experts have carried out studies, after a group of vitamins, needs urgently a male body. In the result, it was determined which vitamins are better for men, and which are projecting not.

The name of the vitamin Useful Features
Vitamin A (Retinol) The most powerful immune stimulant, increases the defensive forces of the body. Of Vitamin also performs in standard reproductive health, improves the quality of the sperm and germ cells for the production of offspring.
B-Vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Cyanocobalamin) All the vitamins in this group help the liver to cope with Stress and normalize the hormonal balance of the man. B6 and B12 are responsible for the sexual activity of men, B6, and normalizes the work of the Central nervous system. B9 guaranteed shelf life potency, increases the efficiency of the men.
Vitamin E (Tocopherol) To know, that a Vitamin is E, what is the useful of this Feature, the man will never know what is erectile dysfunction. The Vitamin ensures the normal circulation and blood flow to the Penis, accelerates the renewal and Regeneration of cells, leads to the normal function of the endocrine glands. But the most important thing is, that Vitamin is that in the maturation of sperm.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) The Vitamin makes the blood vessels elastic and strong, brings the standard into the bloodstream, causing a strong erection. Vitamin in a natural way the testosterone level, causing the sexual disfunction. Askorbinka increases the level of dopamine, the lack of which leads to a decrease of immunity, performance, and frequent colds.
Vitamin D (calciferol) Helpful Vitamin for the male sexual System and potency. The optimal level of calciferol supports Libido and normal level of sexual hormones.
Citrus fruits and Vitamin C

How to properly take?

If we are talking about vitamins that are contained in food, it is important to your all year round in optimum amounts. For example, Vitamin A you get from dairy products, vegetables, broccoli, yellow vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is in citrus fruits, E is in vegetable oils and oily fish, the B-vitamins in vegetable and animal products, and is the source of Vitamin D is direct sunlight.

In times of off-season vitamins for men to take on the following principle:

  • Age 20-40 years – men should choose-complex with B-vitamins, E and A-lipoic acid, Vitamin N (improvement in the quality of the sperm, the strengthening of the skeletal muscles and potency, reduction of the negative effects of harmful habits);
  • Age 40-50 years – vitamins for men after 40 needs to contain ascorbic acid, vitamins E and A for protection of cardiovascular system, promote immunity, as well as obstacles to age-related changes and aging;
  • the age of 55 years and older Vitamin D is very important for men, prevents heart attacks, strokes, strengthens the bones.

For high-performance-Vitamin-therapy is to comply with what is decisive is the correct dosage. Many complex suspect capsules and tablets with the exact calculation of the doses of all substances and their ratio. It remains only to strictly follow the instructions on the drug and feed on a wide variety of products. The effect of each individual vitamin can be a comprehensive recording of all the above mentioned vitamins for the male organism.

Important! Minerals and vitamins take during the meal or immediately afterwards, in order to increase the digestibility of the components. Vitamins E, B and C swallowed whole, with D combined with a large amount of water.

Vitamin D

The effectiveness of drugs

In fact, not all vitamins for potency of and dietary supplements for an erection to not be as effective, as specified by the manufacturer. First of all, not all of the components can compete in a single product only and not to each other, whereby the popular Mono-preparations.

Secondly, in the male body can't get enough of certain vitamins, while others are in the medicine superfluous. Therefore, Vitamin supplements of the population are often less effective than the manufacturer. Solution was found – is the creation of a drug, where the daily rate of vitamins in divided doses.

Tips for choosing

The right Vitamin-drug, man should not only look at the composition and the manufacturer. Experts advise to take into account the following points:

  • Label – pay attention to the composition of the drug, and the dosage of each vitamin.
  • Lifestyle – for active and mobile men have each of the vitamins, the physical abilities, for the potency and erection is a other composition, there are also vitamins for the overall effect on the organism.
  • Minimum iron – this Minerals in the preparation, is the minimum amount to be a surplus leads to heart attack.
  • More testosterone – improving sexual functions and reproductive abilities man needs testosterone, increase the can, with the help of zinc and selenium, and Vitamin E.
  • A lot of Tablet-drug – if the daily rate of the necessary substances are not divided in a few steps capsules, this shows the high efficacy of the drug and vitamins digestibility.
Mnogochastichnye Drug

The price should not be the yardstick for the selection of the drugs, as many effective means the cost of a Cent, while foreign brands exhibited weak indicator of effectiveness, but the extensive inventory to be sold due to the large sums of money.


Say, what are the vitamins for men is better, it can only be a specialist, and conducted diagnostics of the whole organism. Manufacturers offer as wide, and a vitamin complex to strengthen the immune system and increase of the Tonus of the whole organism, and a narrow means for the sexual activity, stamina, mental and physical work ability, prevention of diseases, or the restoration of the organism.