Diet for potency in men - several options to choose from

Seafood to improve potency

Potency enhancing products contain high quality protein in an easily digestible form, vitamins, macro and micro elements. Classic set: seafood, fish, lean meat from animals and birds, vegetables and fruits. With spices you can increase the effect even more.


Seafood are considered to be the most effective for increasing potency due toa high content of zinc, high-quality protein, as well as phosphorus, B vitamins (with their deficiency, the conductivity of nerve fibers deteriorates), selenium. . . Zinc is an important ingredient in maintaining male reproductive health (Best Zinc Food For Men). It takes part in the synthesis of testosterone, inhibits the process of its breakdown and conversion into female estrogens. Zinc deficiency manifests itself in a decrease in potency and vitality in general.

Seafood includes invertebrates that live in the oceans:

  • Shellfish: oysters, clams;
  • Crustaceans: crabs, prawns;
  • Cephalopods: squid, octopus;
  • Seaweed.
Mussels to increase potency

Fish is a food category of its own. To increase potency, the following varieties are particularly useful: salmon, mackerel, flounder, halibut, sardines, tuna.


Quail eggs, along with oysters, are considered a classic dish to increase potency, but ordinary chicken eggs are not far behind them. Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol contained in the yolk does not clog blood vessels, but is a building material for testosterone and cortisol molecules. Regular consumption of eggs lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of vascular erectile dysfunction. The egg yolk also contains zinc, iron and the fat-soluble vitamins D, A, E, which are essential for the function of the gonads.

In addition, in order to maintain normal potency, a man needs protein and egg is almost 100% ingested. An adult can safely eat several eggs a day.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts are heavy food for the stomach, but healthy for potency. To avoid digestive problems, you cannot consume more than a handful per day. Nuts contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium and amino acids. Their presence in food improves the condition of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems and stimulates the functioning of the gonads.

The following nuts are most useful for potency:

  • Brazilian;
  • Almond;
  • Cashews;
  • Pistachios;
  • Walnut;
  • Cedar.

To increase potency, best in a mixture with honey or in the form of nut milk, which you can make at home. For preparation, the nuts must first soaked for 6-8 hours, then diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 (100 g of nuts to 500 ml of water), grind in a mixer, strain the resulting mass. Milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

An in-depth article on nuts that improve male potency.

Of the seeds for potency, pumpkin seeds are the most useful - they are valuable for their high zinc content. However, in addition to this element, there are many other nutrients that are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system:

  1. A complete set of B vitamins.
  2. Vitamins A and C.
  3. A complete set of vitamin E tocopherols (ideal for assimilation).
  4. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus.
  5. Fatty acid.

Seeds of industrial hemp, flax, chia, oat germ and wheat are also useful for potency.

Pumpkin seeds to increase potency

Meat products

In animal and poultry meat there is little fear of especially cholesterol and many amino acids, which are necessary for building muscle and maintaining the balance of sex hormones. To increase potency, you need to choose low-fat varieties of young people and cook them using gentle methods: in the oven, steamed or grilled. In this way, the nutrients are better preserved and their later absorption through the stomach is made easier. Fried steaks, kebabs or fat ribs are obese, bad cholesterol and carcinogenic.

To maintain potency, the following types of meat are the most useful:

  • beef. . . It contains a lot of zinc, amino acids, vitamins B, A, E, PP. The meat is tough, so it is advisable to cook minced meat from it first and then steam cutlets, meatballs, meatballs and casseroles.
  • Rabbit meat. . . It exceeds chicken by 21% in protein content, 90% is absorbed by the body (beef only 60%).
  • veal. . . The meat comes from animals between 3 and 5 months of age. It is a valuable protein product with a high content of protein, iron, B vitamins.
  • Turkey meat. . . It is considered to be the safest of all industrial poultry meats.
  • Quail meat. . . This is a diet product that is high in retinol, B vitamins, PP, phosphorus, and potassium.

Chicken and pork have been of questionable quality in recent years due to growth-promoting additives. Meat from wild animals is also useful to increase potency, but must be properly prepared before the heat treatment.


Of the vegetables for improving male potency, the most valuable are:

  • Cauliflower;
  • Beet, carrot, pumpkin;
  • Beets;
  • Tomato puree;
  • Shallot;
  • Celery;
  • Romaine lettuce, rocket, watercress;
  • Asparagus.

Remember that eating too many raw vegetables leads to gas and bowel discomfort. The diet should be balanced: 2/3 fiber and 1/3 animal protein.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries are not only rich in vitamins, but also in acids that strengthen the vascular walls and promote blood circulation.To increase potency, it is recommended to use watermelons, avocados, figs, Bananas,Cranberries, goji berries. . . From garden berries to stimulate libido, raspberries, strawberries, sea buckthorn are useful (more foods that increase libido in men).

Potency improves if you drink a peanut milkshake with bananas, strawberries and other berries 2-4 times a week.

Fruits and berries to increase potency

herbs and spices

The following spices increase the potency:

  1. Saffron.
  2. Marjoram.
  3. Cardamom.
  4. Cinammon.
  5. Caraway seed.

Turmeric (turmeric) is also useful for potency.

Beekeeping products

Few men regularly consume bee products. However, they are the most easily accessible source of bioactive substances that are valuable for potency. The most common product used in beekeeping is honey. It can be added to morning porridge, cocktails, mixed with nuts.

Perga (pollen in lumps) is less popular. Men who want to improve their potency are advised to take one tablespoon daily on an empty stomach. This natural product contains almost the entire periodic table.

Recipe for male potency from honey, walnuts, propolis and pollen

Recipes with honey to improve potency

What fruits are good for men

For the normal performance of sexual function, the body must receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. They contain fruits. Sometimes you can build sexual function just from a fruit diet. With the use of these natural products, sexual function can be restored. Fruits rich in folic and ascorbic acid are of particular importance in this context.

Citrus fruits are excellent sources of ascorbic acid for the body. The body as a whole is strengthened and the sexual sphere is of higher quality. Mangoes, figs, kiwi and pomegranates are very useful.

Products for fast-acting potency - are there any?

Instantly activating potency from eating a certain food won't work, but you can increase blood flow and make nerve endings more sensitive. Fresh seafood, sour cream, nuts are suitable for this.

Among vegetables, the most useful roots of ginger, horseradish, parsley and garlic are the most useful for quickly improving potency. It is better to use them in the form of alcoholic tinctures:

  • On garlic: pour 200 g of crushed garlic, 200 ml of alcohol (70%), let rest for 10 days, drain. To be taken with milk: 5 drops of tincture per 50 ml of milk.
  • On ginger: 400 g of root per 1 liter of vodka. Insist 2 weeks. You can add a few tablespoons of honey (a good preservative). To increase arousal, it is enough to drink 30-50 g.
alcoholic tincture of ginger to increase potency

Alcoholic tincture made from ginger

  • On horseradish ("horseradish"): 100 g grated horseradish root, 30 g ginger root, 1 liter of high quality moonlight, 2 tablespoons of honey. Let the mixture steep for 3-4 days. To improve potency, you can drink about 50 g just before sex.
  • On parsley: 125 g of chopped roots, pour 0. 5 liters of vodka, leave to rest for 3 weeks. Drink a vigorous infusion of 15 ml daily.

Garlic, ginger, and parsley tinctures are especially good for men over 50. They improve potency by stimulating the sex glands and increasing blood flow.

It is advisable to eat parsley and celery greens not only fresh, but also freeze them for the winter (there are a lot of nitrates in greenhouse products).

Drugs to improve erectile function

The quickest way to get the boner back and prolong sexual intercourse is to take a drug that increases the erection. However, it is impossible to abuse drugs as they are addicting, have certain contraindications and side effects.


If erectile problems rarely occur, there are no chronic diseases, then you can take stimulants in the form of tablets - they act quickly, the therapeutic effect lasts for several hours. To avoid counterfeiting, first of all, you can see what the drugs look like in the photo.

List of effective drugs:

Potency pills should not be taken if there are problems with the heart, blood vessels, liver, ulcers, hypotension. It is not recommended to combine the drug with alcohol and fatty foods.


Means for external use are safer than pills, but their effect is shorter, so they need to be applied 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

A short but strong and sustained erection can be achieved after applying the usual nitroglycerin or heparin ointment to the penis. They quickly expand blood vessels, activate blood circulation, are characterized by low cost and safety.

Drops and supplements

The preparations of the drop idea are characterized by their natural composition, cumulative effect and ease of use.

They contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements, the drug helps eliminate erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, increases libido, improves semen quality and promotes testosterone synthesis. You need to take 3-5 drops once a day for 15-30 days. Bad, not a drug.

Products that reduce potency

For potency, products are harmful, the use of which has a negative effect on the condition of blood vessels and blood composition, promotes weight gain and distorts hormone levels. These include:

  1. Trans fats. . . Almost all fast food and semi-finished products are made on their basis: hamburger chops, chips, crackers, snacks, sweets, dumplings. Frequent consumption of such foods in the diet inevitably leads to an increase in high cholesterol, blood thickening, worsening of erection and decreased libido. It is very difficult to get rid of the fat accumulated from such a diet. The WHO recommends reducing the intake of trans fats to 1% of the daily calories.
  2. harmful products for potency
  3. Sweet. . . Those with a sweet tooth only know about health problems when they encounter obesity and the risk of diabetes mellitus. Elevated blood sugar leads to nerve damage and impotence. Body fat actively converts testosterone to female estrogen.
  4. Smoked meat. . . Substances contained in smoking liquids and vapors impair the function of the testicles. The testosterone synthesis decreases with a subsequent deterioration in potency.

Beer does great harm to potency. A rare man will not get a heavy stomach or enlarged mammary glands due to its regular use. Beer disrupts the hormonal background, there is a tendency to estrogen, potency decreases, and andropause accelerates.

Another option for drinks that extremely negatively affect potency is sweet carbonated alcoholic cocktails, as well as carbonated sweet drinks and other soft drinks.

To lose weight

Apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight for several reasons:

One of the most important ingredients in vinegar is pectin, a soluble fiber found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Pectin is able to "trap" sugars present in the intestines, slowing their absorption and releasing less insulin.

In order to prevent the accumulation of fat and excess pounds, it is very important to maintain constant and low levels of insulin, low levels of insulin stimulate fat loss, and on the contrary, high levels of insulin activate fat accumulation. Pectin stimulates intestinal motility and promotes good colon cleansing, which prevents constipation and flatulence

Pectin stimulates intestinal motility and promotes good colon cleansing, which prevents constipation and flatulence.

In addition, pectin shortens the absorption time of nutrients in the intestinal tract and makes you feel full.

All of these factors will help you lose weight and control your weight.

In addition, natural apple cider vinegar helps remove excess fluid, has a diuretic effect, prevents swelling and cellulite.

It also helps flush out toxins that build up in the body, polluting it, and slowing down various processes including the process of losing weight.

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains sediment, this sediment is rich in probiotic bacteria that promote intestinal health.

Of course, in addition to taking apple cider vinegar, you need to stick to a healthy diet, eat in moderation and not sit all day.

How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Should You Drink Each Day to Lose Weight?

It is recommended that you take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar about 30 minutes before each meal and dilute the vinegar in a glass of room temperature water.

For flavor, you can add a spoonful of honey. Don't use apple cider vinegar if you have a hydro-salt imbalance.

Honey to improve potency

If you have cardiovascular problems, moderate intake of apple cider vinegar is recommended due to its high potassium content.

Excessive doses can cause some side effects such as nausea, gastrointestinal upset, and irritation.

In Japan, a study involving men was conducted and they were divided into two groups. Part of them drank 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water. For 12 weeks, and the other part drank a placebo. At the same time, the participants did not change their diet or lifestyle.

The men who drank apple cider vinegar lost 2 kg in 12 weeks. This is explained by the fact that vinegar has a filling effect, decreases appetite and decreases calorie intake.


As strange as it sounds, meat is an excellent tool for enhancing a man's sexual activity. Of course, if it is consumed in large quantities, it will overload the stomach. Then the blood flow is directed to the digestive organ so that the matter does not get into sexual intercourse. But with moderate consumption of meat, a man's potency increases.

Do you want to be a real Casanova? Then be sure to include the following types of meat in your menu:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • Turkey
  • a rabbit

Eat pork and duck in small quantities. It's too greasy, contains a lot of cholesterol. The positive effect of meat on male strength is determined by the type of preparation. To better absorb the product, use it cooked. Fried and smoked meat will only make the situation worse.

What lowers libido

What not to eat, especially regularly:

  1. Chips and salty snacks- they contain abnormal doses of salt. This is due to a deterioration in blood flow, which is reflected in insufficient blood flow, including in the reproductive system.
  2. Sweets. . . The second most important problem for the cardiovascular system, and therefore erection - sugar, which is used in the industrial manufacture of sweets, cakes, desserts and cheap chocolate products. It is better to stay away from such products that have a negative effect on a man's strength.
  3. Pizza, white flour products- such foods are harmful to the proper functioning of the reproductive system, reduce libido and testosterone levels.
  4. Fatty foods- in particular trans fats (margarines, fried foods, french fries, various ready meals).
  5. alcohol- An aphrodisiac in small amounts, but with excessive use it becomes a killer of male power.

These are products that reduce potency, so it is recommended to use them infrequently or to refuse them completely. They not only have a negative effect on sexuality, but also on health in general.

Let's talk about drinks

If you are eating the "right" food, you need to know what to drink for good potency.


Caffeine stimulates emotions. Just 1 cup of coffee improves metabolism, increases blood pressure, and increases stamina by releasing fat and converting it into energy. This quality is capable of sustaining sexual activity throughout the night.

Aloe juice

1 ELAloe vera gel with 1 teaspoon of honey, taken 3 times a day, activates the blood circulation in the pelvic area and ensures maximum sexual performance. You can buy aloe juice from a pharmacy.

Ginger + ginseng

Ginseng helps with erectile dysfunction and forms the perfect mixture together with ginger, which has a warming effect. Prepare ginger tea (2 teaspoons of crushed root per 250 ml of boiling water), after cooling slightly, add 20 drops of ginseng extract.

Green or black tea

Thanks to its antioxidants, green tea has good effects on the cardiovascular system. It can be a great alternative to coffee, which is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Green tea is a great energy and vitality donor, including in the genital area for men's health. High-quality black tea is also suitable for this.