How quickly the potency increase to home

Impotence is a full or partially of the erection, lack. With time, it will deteriorate in most men after the age of 30. According to the statistics that somewhere around 66% of male persons, there is a problem, or they were in the past. However, in some cases, you can quickly increase the potency at home.

Problems with potency

Vascular cause of impotence

The nature of the erection is the filling of the Penis with blood. There is also a disease, such as erectile dysfunction. In medicine it is treated as a insufficient blood circulation in Penis for sexual intercourse. However, there is an important point here. Very often there are situations when a man is tired, overloaded at work, and in these cases, problems with Sex. The only difference is that this is a normal condition.

In most cases, the cause of impotence is a violation of the vessels of the Penis is. To check the health of the blood vessels, you must perform the following steps. Before going to bed on the body of the Penis in the flaccid state paper ribbon superimposed. If in the morning it was discovered that this ribbon is ripped, then it is to witness a nightly erection. So, problems with the blood vessels not.

The man has a nocturnal or morning erections. The indications are that he is healthy, his vessels well closed, and the current problems are temporary and harmless character.

The development of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a system process. He goes with the same speed on all the vessels of the body. The arteries in the Penis, a very small diameter. The large vessels of the arms, legs, and neck in three times more in diameter. Accordingly, if a man develops arteriosclerosis of the small vessels suffer in the first place just.

There are medical statistics, according to which in the case of men with impotence, there is a good Chance that in the next five years, a myocardial infarction. The General advice is a visit to the cardiologist and you check the level of cholesterol in the blood (the ratio of lipoproteins of low and high density). In addition, it is necessary an ultrasound of the great vessels of the head and neck.

The intake of acetylsalicylic acid

Aspirin is able to reduce the viscosity of the blood, thereby alerting the bonding of blood platelets in the vessels. The process of erection is directly linked with the filling of blood into the Penis. In addition, men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence, many opportunities to get a complication of internal systems. Taking Aspirin can improve the condition of the vessels and protect against these.

Note: more than 100 mg of Aspirin per day intake is not recommended.

Recipes for the raising of the standard of potency

This is a drink for a quick boost of potency to home, and man will feel in any Situation. The ingredients from which the beverage can be bought at any grocery store. It consists of three products and three spices:

  • 200-400 grams of root ginger (in powder form);
  • three lemons;
  • Honey;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Cloves;
  • the nutmeg.

Prepare the broth must in the evening. Ginger you have to peel first and then boil. After cooking, turn off the heat, leave to cool at room temperature and pour in required water: two liters should. In cooled ginger infusion, put the juice of three lemons and their zest.

Note: place the Infusion in the white protective film from lemons, because they are toxic. Better be careful with a knife peel.

The resulting broth infused under the lid for a night. According to a tablespoon of come cinnamon. After taste is also of cloves added with nutmeg to taste. All thoroughly mixed. Drink it. after the meal, twice a day, morning and evening In any case, it can drink on an empty stomach, especially if there are problems with the stomach. The broth was tastier, you can add a teaspoon of honey (preferably liquid).

to increase potency

Kwas for the potency

To increase potency at home, can you have an old remedies of cooking. Its base is kvass, but not in the store bought, cooked at home. First of all, you must make mad dough, and for this we need the following ingredients:

  • 50 grams of raw yeast;
  • 100 Grams Of Sugar;
  • Malt.

In the three-Liter glass jar is added, something wet yeast (50 grams) and 10 tablespoons of sugar. You can add smaller amounts of sugar, but in such a ratio kvass is even richer. After that, three tablespoons of malt is, and all filled with hot water. Your temperature should be not more than 60 degrees, otherwise kvass cooked simply, and the leaven will not work.

Kvass is thoroughly mixed and store in a warm location is provided. Will reach it within three days. The first kvass, to pour, probably because it is the smell of yeast. Only a certain amount of sour dough (1-2 cups) remains.

On the Basis of the received kvass, the active agent is. For the preparation you will need horseradish. He must be fresh and not canned. In order to better horseradish disappeared in kvass, it is necessary to RUB on a fine grater. Grated horse-radish, kvass, and the last one Matures added in a dark container for at least a week, and he is a pretty cool place.

Preparation of food

On the Basis of kvass with horseradish, you can. a dish called cold bread soup, which also increases the potency of home That court, the young ladies entertained their men to the were energetic and tireless in love. Foreign travelers jointed the large number of children in the family with this dish.

For its production in addition to kvass need and black radish. You can grind in a meat grinder. Black radish is also very a lot of years, was estimated and was regarded as a treasure trove of nutrients. Cold soup is a pretty simple dish. It's just the diced rye bread, with the addition of a few spoons of sour cream. In the bowl a little salt added, and stirred radish. Radish astringency court to give. At the end of kvass is added, and the court may, as a finished.

A cold soup is not very days easily digestible and especially good after the holidays, when everything else want. He has a three-fold effect: it nourishes, quenches the thirst and is able to promote sexual energy.

Baking powder

Soda or sodium bicarbonate used in many areas. You use it to increase the potency, but it also serves as a tool for the treatment of Prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate. Especially the Soda eliminates the Stagnation in the area of the small pelvis and increases the production of sexual secretions. There are two forms of these techniques: the inner and the outer (the baths).

Folk remedies for potency


The number of the received of Soda should be no more than a teaspoon, and at first you take nur¼. It dissolves in a glass of lukewarm water or milk, then in the pan to a boil is brought, but not to a boil. During the whole process of warming of the beverage, it needs to stir actively, otherwise the Soda will settle to the bottom and is completely dissolved.

The solution takes a day for 10 days. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning 30 minutes before meals. The maximum course duration is one month.

Alkaline Baths

Optional method, improve erectile function, is an alkaline bath. She takes before bedtime for the reason that very much relaxed. A pack of baking powder dissolved in three liters of boiling water. Everything thoroughly from the stir, the ground set must not be removed. The solution is minutes in the selected tray, you take less than 30.

Characteristics of the diet

First and foremost, for the maintenance of the male forces in sufficient quantities to consume of Protein, and it is desirable that the animal proteins. These include:

  • Fish;
  • Seafood;
  • The milk and milk products.

The meat is in this respect not very suitable, since it is difficult to digest, and its cleavage requires a larger amount of energy consumption. If it is the case that the man will eventually there are fewer animal products and eating only plant food, it will experience a strong lack of protein. Sperm in the case of such a person will be synthesized much slower, and weaken the sexual desire in him.

After the ejaculation (ejaculation) for the formation of sperm a relatively large amount of required Protein that the body immediately necessary for the reconstruction of the lost seed. In addition, together with seed liquid out of many trace elements. This aspect must also be taken into consideration, and food so the great opportunity, all you need was. You can include receive and special additives, the use of certain micro - and macro-nutrients. Of the essential vitamins A and E and the trace elements — zinc.

A large amount of zinc-containing nuts and seeds. These include:

  • Ginger;
  • Sunflower seeds;
  • Pumpkin seeds;
  • Walnut and hazelnut.

In the case of lack of Vitamin D, decreased production of the male sex hormone were observed. This Vitamin is not synthesized by the body itself, but only in the presence of sunlight. In Winter time rooms, in addition, it is recommended to accept it, to buy in pharmacies.


Nutrition for potency

Of course, to reinforce male power, avoid to lead to alcohol and Smoking, exercise, healthy nutrition, and overall healthy living. However, not all want to and can stay. The modern medical industry for a long time helps men in achieving their goals, thereby providing an effective and not very expensive drugs.

Before use you need to follow the instructions for the application, since in him there are many different contraindications. When taking stimulants for the strengthening of the potency of the blood towards the organs of reproduction. Vision and hearing this fall, and palpitations, on the contrary, is becoming more common. Such pills can be very dangerous for patients with high blood pressure, and seeds, especially when parallel to them, a man takes medicines containing nitrates.

Sometimes the effect of the pill may last up to 36 hours, which is very dangerous. You need a rule: the smaller the dose of the active substance, the less the side-effects of medication. To can side effects such as deep skin, dizziness and swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Stimulants, male virility should not be taken if the cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence is the obesity. You do not heal, but only a serious relationship. In many cases, the systematic use of stimulants pulls the intensification of the processes in the prostate. If the man was an ordinary Prostatitis, after taking it to escalate to the adenoma of the prostate can quickly.