Does exercise help male potency?

Exercises with dumbbells for potency

Regularly performed potency exercises in men can get rid of many intimate problems. They increase sexual stamina, ensure a stable long erection of the penis, and prevent the development of impotence. The exercises listed below are very easy to do at home for any man.

They can be repeated regularly, and the exercises themselves will surely help both young and old men. While performing fairly simple exercises, the body's muscle tone increases, spermatogenesis is activated, and testosterone is produced. This increases potency, stabilizes the natural production of sex hormones and prevents prostate adenoma and prostatitis. These complexes are recommended absolutely to all men who want to maintain their male health well into old age.

Exercises for potency at home

Classes can take place at home. The complex is so easy to carry out that no special trays are required. These exercises ensure blood flow to the genitals, normalize blood flow in the pelvis, and promote the production of sex hormones and endorphins.

After sporting activities, there is pleasant relaxation, tension and anxiety are relieved. The recommended exercises are needed every day! And rest assured, the positive result will be clearly felt after about a month of classes. A man's potency will increase significantly, premature ejaculation will stop, and sex itself will be better and brighter.

7 exercises for potency

Exercises to increase potency
  1. So the very first exercise is a simple stretch on all fours. To correctly perform the main exercise, you need to stand on all fours with your hands on the floor directly at face level. Please note: the hips must rest under the pelvis and the feet must be straight. A breath is taken, after exhaling, the pelvis gradually shifts towards the heels. After that, you need to sit with your buttocks on your heels, do not bend your arms - they are straight. Slowly return to the starting position. Perform 2-3 times, gradually increasing the number of exercises.
  2. To improve potency, it is recommended to stand up straight, lower your hands and relax. You just have to look. Inhale with the lower abdomen, then the breath should be held. Squeeze the anus for about 3-4 seconds, then relax it as much as possible and exhale slowly. Repeat the combination of movements; do not forget to restore your breathing during the breaks.
  3. The third exercise is more difficult - this is a special squat that is very useful for the perineum. It is necessary to stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms freely lowering. Take a quiet breath and slowly sit down. There must be no tension. After the squat, you need to gently tilt your body forward while bringing your hands between your legs as far as possible. Stretch your arms as far as possible behind your back, do not bend, keep your fingers straight. They should be facing backwards. It is necessary to get up very slowly and return to the starting position to restore breathing. Repeat about 5-7 times. Such physical exercises to increase potency certainly involve several repetitions.
  4. It is known as the "pendulum pool". The legs are set wider than shoulder width apart and bent at the knees until the buttocks and knees are at the same height. You should stay in the pose a little and perform the characteristic movements of the pelvis forwards and then backwards at different speeds. Remember: It is important to inhale directly as you move back and exhale as you move your pelvis forward. You can hold onto the chair while you run. Repeat 6-7 times.
  5. "Reed" exercise, which must be performed directly in the supine position. So, first you need to put your hands behind your back and tightly clasp your hands in the lock just below your head. Inhale calmly, after exhaling lift your leg and circle it on the weight - clockwise or counterclockwise. One important point: you need to gently lower your leg. Exercise with the other leg in the air. Repeat 7 times.
  6. This combination of movements is called "butterfly" and is performed in the supine position. First you have to bend your legs at the knees, making sure that the feet are raised towards the priest and both hands should be placed on the knees. Keep your knees as you exhaleSpread your hands sideways. It takes a little to overcome hand resistance. Repeat 5-6 times.
  7. Exercise "bridge". The man lies on his back with both knees bent, feet resting on the floor. Extend your arms freely along your body. Put your shoulder blades and feet on the floor and gently press your pelvis upward. Linger on top, return to the starting position - slowly and slowly lower the pelvis, repeat 6 times.

The benefits of a series of exercises

Pushups to increase potency

This complex helps to effectively increase potency and improve your sex life. During the execution, the muscles of the perineum are trained, the blood circulation in the small pelvis improves. Such force loads improve the condition of the genitourinary system and, over time, perfectly strengthen the muscles of the thigh and perineum. A gentle massage of the prostate takes place, which prevents the development of prostatitis and adenomas.

Potency exercises contract the deep muscles of the pelvic floor and stimulate the muscles of the lower body quite well. This not only improves the potency, but also the peristalsis of the digestive organs. The blood circulation is activated, fat deposits are burned, the "stomach" disappears. The exercise set strengthens the hips and joints of the legs and arms. The gluteal muscles are actively contracted, which contributes to the subsequent long erection during sexual intercourse.

For men who are looking for effective complexes, you can watch a video of physical exercises to increase potency on the Internet.

Gymnastics for every day

Jog for potency

Squats, buttock tension, lying hips and thighs, belt rotations - all of these warm-up exercises should be done as often as possible throughout the day. This will eliminate blood stagnation in the pelvic organs, including the genitals.

Most men know that squats are an excellent prevention against prostatitis and adenomas. These diseases have a negative effect on potency. Therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics also includes ball presses with the knees, "bicycle" exercise, "birch" exercise, running and walking on the spot. Very light gymnastics for every day:

  1. Do half squats several times while doing intense work on the buttocks.
  2. Walk in place, but don't lift your socks off the floor - just your heels.
  3. While lying on your back, squeeze the muscles between the anus and the scrotum.
  4. Tense the leg muscles strongly and press the middle rubber ball with your knees.

You can also do gymnastics and a range of exercises outdoors. In addition, to increase potency, it is useful to jog and walk every day. It is better to conduct classes in the stadium - there you can pull yourself up on equipment and do a number of gymnastic exercises.

Every man should keep in mind that taking drugs to increase potency can cause irreparable damage to health. A sports complex of the necessary exercises will increase potency and achieve a sustained erection without taking chemical drugs. It is important to look after male health now and not postpone exercise until later.

Its effect is aimed at increasing male potency and natural prostate massage. Exercise is a great alternative to medication, which can have serious side effects. A visit to the fitness room is not necessary - the exercises can easily be carried out at home.