What does the potency depend on?

All men want their sexual strength not to disappear for as long as possible, that they can give pleasure to a woman without any problems and also enjoy sexual intercourse themselves. Yes, sex life is an important aspect for any member of the stronger sex. It is true that some men are not entirely satisfied with their sexual activity and do not know the exact reasons for this phenomenon. Therefore, we will consider the main factors that will allow anyone to understand what potency depends on and what measures need to be taken to improve it.

What affects the potency?

The potency is directly related to how often men have sex. Let's find out why some can have full, long-term sexual intercourse and why others cannot afford it.

Factors that influence male strength include: physical health, age, individual body characteristics, sexual constitution, testosterone levels, psychological problems.

Testosterone, Health, and Potency

Of course, the potency of men depends on the level of a sex hormone like testosterone. He is responsible for the formation of sperm, the sex drive and the male behavior during sex. The male sex hormone also stimulates protein production and promotes muscle building. On him depend the character, the ability to work, the mood, the thinking of a strong half of our humanity.

However, it is worth noting that testosterone levels gradually decrease. Over the course of a year it can decrease by about a few percent. This process usually begins after thirty years. After the age of 50, this man can see a drop in the hormone anywhere in 2 times compared to what he had in his youth. This factor contributes to the development of all kinds of ailments that negatively affect both male strength and the health of internal organs and systems.

Certain diseases can occur, for example ischemic heart disease, diseases of the central nervous system, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and many other conditions. But most often they turn to the doctor against the background of all kinds of problems with potency. It should be remembered that a timely visit to the doctor allows you to undergo an examination as soon as possible in order to take appropriate measures for treatment. Many delay this process, trying to find out the cause of the disease on their own, self-medication. This therapy method is prohibited! It may only be treated under the supervision of a specialist!

the hormone testosterone and its effect on potency

Overwork, psychological factors

The potency directly depends on the psychological state of a man. If he is often stressed, sleeps little and rests little, worries for any reason, cannot improve his relationship with his wife, it will very likely lead to a decrease in male strength. Potency can deteriorate not only in adults. Such situations often affect the younger generation over the age of 18. Men may be afraid of not being able to satisfy their sexual partner, or they may have had the first bad sexual experiences that will not give them confidence in their abilities in the future. Some have doubts about their sexuality and attractiveness. Effectiveness even depends on such factors, so it is important to seek help from specialists in a timely manner. Most often, sessions with a psychotherapist will help get rid of such problems.

How does potency depend on the sexual constitution?

The main factor in sexual constitution is heredity. She plays an important role in the intimate life of representatives of the strong half of humanity. The sexual constitution is every man's personal need for sex; it is innate. Doctors define it quite simply thanks to a few simple criteria. As a rule, doctors conduct a patient survey, visual examination, communicate personally with the sexual partner, prescribe laboratory and other necessary types of diagnostics.

Anthropological survey methods are required. Thanks to them, doctors get all the information about the indicators of weight and height, determine the exact trochanteric index, which is the ratio of the circumference of the chest and pelvis, the height of a man to the length of his legs. Through laboratory tests, specialists find out all the detailed information about the level of sex hormones.

Sexual Activity Rate

It should be noted that such a rule exists. It is believed that when men have sexual intercourse about once a week, their sexual prowess is normal. But it's important not to forget to mention a condition. Representatives of the stronger sex should not get tired and lethargic, lose sexual interest in their partner. Otherwise, you need to see a doctor to determine the causes of these emerging symptoms.

Does potency depend on bad habits?

It is a pity that the little one thinks about how male strength depends on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking and drugs. Undoubtedly, all of this negatively affects the potency of men, their internal organs, systems, etc. Many people drink alcohol to relax, feel more confident, and attractive. But if he drinks a glass every time before sex, then most likely it will lead to the development of alcoholism.

In order not to resort to such measures, you just need to find a woman and establish a correct, trusting relationship with her. A beloved woman should become an ally in sex, then everything will turn out for the better, you do not need to use alcohol or other harmful means.

Narcotics also have a negative effect on male strength. There are no strong, weak drugs. It is important to know that they have an even worse effect than alcohol on all centers dealing with the sexual sphere. Therefore, a man has to make a choice: not to have potency problems, to have an active, healthy sex life, or to self-destruct with the help of these substances.


Potency also depends on such a bad habit as smoking. All substances contained in tobacco smoke reach the male genitals via the blood. As a rule, experienced smokers have a deterioration in mobility, damage to the structure of the sperm and a decrease in their numbers. According to numerous studies and statistics, more than twenty percent of men suffer from impotence because they smoke. About forty percent are at risk for this genital disease.

Smoking and its effect on potency

Passive lifestyle

Many people ask the question, "Does potency depend on a sedentary lifestyle? " After all, quite a large number of professions require a person to be seated. This is especially true for students, because a lesson usually lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is too much. It is generally recommended that you do a small warm-up at least every 20 minutes. This can be pelvic rotations, squats, and so on. The risk group for sexual health problems includes drivers of various modes of transport, workers whose activities are constantly connected to a computer, since they all spend most of their time sitting. As a result, blood circulation in the genital area deteriorates, congestion of the prostate begins, libido and erectile function decrease.

Nutritional characteristics, obesity

Male sexual activity also depends on daily diet. It is worth noting that being overweight leads to problems with muscles and the cardiovascular system, and can provoke the appearance of diabetes mellitus and many other ailments. You need to constantly monitor your weight and try to keep it at the same level. Dramatic weight loss and weight gain also negatively affect potency, the activity of internal organs and systems.

Men should include more vegetables in their diet, especially lettuce, parsley, cabbage, onions, and garlic. Eat pumpkin seeds, various nuts (almonds, walnuts) to saturate the body with vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, fatty acids and other useful elements. The potency depends heavily on the diet. Therefore, you need to use other foods that have a beneficial effect on the body. These include kiwi, raspberries, grapefruits, lemon, blackberries, apples.

Chicken and quail eggs, fish, meat, honey, ginger, seafood have a good influence on potency.

Meals are also shown that include fermented milk and dairy products. For example, sour cream, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, kefir.


Now, knowing what potency depends on, you can prevent various related problems from occurring. Therefore, it is important to avoid occasional sexual intercourse to protect yourself from genital infections, quit smoking, drink alcohol, and use drugs. You need to improve relationships with your beloved woman, try to be friends with her and not be enemies, feel confident and give her maximum pleasure during sex.

In order not to expose yourself to the risk of a decrease in potency, you should avoid stress, excessive physical exertion, get enough sleep, relax in the fresh air, do sports, eat right and not self-medicate. If suspicious symptoms that indicate a violation of potency are observed, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor to determine the exact causes of this phenomenon. Appropriate therapy was initiated.