How To Increase Male Strength At Home

Male strength is considered to be the main fertility benefit of the stronger sex. Popular wisdom says: "Young people love hooligans, young people love rich, mature people love reliable men. " Only one thing does not change, all women love male strength. The desire for power is an ancient feminine instinct that cannot be erased from the genetic code. In modern society, male power is understood as sexual energy, potency. How to strengthen male strength at 25, increase and lengthen it at 45-50 and maintain it at 60-70. Find out now.

What is male strength, how can you understand it?

Male strength is determined by the content of specific androgens - male sex hormones in the blood. The best known androgen is testosterone. Its occurrence in a man's body is genetically determined, and the normal level depends on hereditary factors. Testosterone levels determine a person's male behavior, the severity of secondary sexual characteristics. A comprehensive and original definition of what male power is in folklore. Sounds on the edge of decency, but it has a deep meaning.

Male power makes a woman scream at night and laugh during the day.

We agree that it is worse if a woman "laughs" at night at the sluggish potency of her partner, but screams during the day and is angry about everyday trifles. A woman without a hefty dose of semen inside and a splash of accumulated estrogen outside is a moody and fake being.

How women and men understand male power

Sex is an intimate relationship between two people. Consider the opinions of both sexual partners. Oddly enough, they are different. We present the results of a relevant sociological survey of men and women on the topic of what is male power? How different halves understand it. First the opinions of men and then important clarifications from women.

  • High testosterone levels. The level is determined by heredity within the physiological norm. Testosterone levels below or above normal are abnormal. The normal level of hormones is enough to excite and please a woman. Broad bones, strong muscles, short stature, rough voice, hair have nothing to do with male strength in bed. Secondary sexual characteristics may please and even excite the female, but nothing more.
  • Big penis. A great "friend" is certainly good, but the strength of a female orgasm, its extent, does not matter much. Most of the time, a man's penis size is a nice addition on a first or second intimate date.
  • The ability to perform simple movements for a long time. O-O-O-O-O-la-la, to say nothing more. Yes, five to ten strong jolts "start" the vagina better than a hundred or two hundred protracted rubs for an hour.
  • Powerful erection. Both groups agree on this. All female and male fantasies are tied to an erection. An erection is both testosterone and the size of the penis and the ability to burst the roof with sustained screams and moans of bliss.

Thus, according to both groups surveyed, the male erection is a force that helps a man to control a woman's behavior during the day and is attracted at night.

a woman in bed with a man who strengthened potency

Causes That Reduce Male Strength

Let us leave aside the opinion of the ladies of the Balzac age that masculine strength consists in looking after families, wives, and children. This is an important aspect of male behavior, but has nothing to do with the topic of the article. We are talking about a certain strength that needs to be preserved and can be lost. A man reaches his greatest strength at around 25 years of age. Then, after about 45 years, there will be gradual extinction. Some people manage to maintain male strength for up to 60-70 years.

Reasons that negatively affect male potency

Stress and depression are emotional stress. Chronic experiences severely stunt a man's sexual health. Sometimes experiences add to the pathogenesis and turn off the libido and masculine power completely.

  1. Excessive physical activity. Although physical activity has a positive effect on male potency, it ensures blood flow to the pelvic organs. At the same time, hard, monotonous work under chronic stress provokes premature wear and tear on the body, therefore male strength deteriorates faster on average 5-10 years.
  2. Steroid hormones, their level in the blood of a healthy man is within the physiological norm. The level inevitably goes down with age.
  3. Chronic non-communicable diseases. The most important and well known is high blood pressure. High blood pressure and certain drugs for high blood pressure block male energy. Other diseases that reduce potency. Prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate in men, often occurs between the ages of 40-45 years and older. Mumps are transmitted in childhood. Male weakness is one of the hallmarks of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  4. Chronic Infectious Diseases. Complications from sexually transmitted diseases, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia lead to early impotence.
  5. Bad habits. The best known habits are drug addiction, smoking, and alcoholism. A lesser known cause that greatly inhibits potency is overeating. More precisely, obesity can pose a risk of premature loss.
  6. Age limit. Physical extinction is the inevitable outcome of life. At a certain age, usually 60-70 years, an interruption in sexual activity leads to an irreversible loss of male power. In some men, these processes can develop much earlier by the age of 35-45.

The greatest harm to male strength can be caused by the above combined factors. Male strength at a young age of 20-30 does not require correction, hormones overflow. Problems with a decrease in potency start after about 30 years, some sooner, some later.

How to Increase Male Strength by the Age of 30-40

The maximum potency in a healthy man is around 20-25 years. In addition, the processes of catabolism are gradually activated. Carefully stimulate male vitality at a young age, refrain from using strong drugs. To increase and maintain it, there are enough folk remedies and special exercises.

Folk remedies for maintaining male strength

At home, preparations based on herbal raw materials are used to improve potency. Traditional medicine is based on the centuries-old wisdom of herbalists. Plants that have been used to increase male strength between the ages of 30-40 years.

  • The root (rhizome) of ginger is the most famous folk remedy for increasing a man's desire for a woman's body. In Ayurvedic cuisine, it is used raw, dried and pickled. Broths and tinctures are prepared as a means of increasing erection.
  • Horseradish. It is recommended in the form of a strong homemade kvass with horseradish root. Drinking a glass at night helps almost all healthy men who are experiencing increased stress in their sex life.
  • Johannis herbs. In times of stress, fermented tea with St. John's wort is recommended to maintain masculine strength.
  • Blooming Sally. The infusion of boiling water helps well with reduced potency, with prostate adenoma, prostatitis.
  • Eleutherococci. Tincture or tablets of Eleutherococcus is a pharmacopoeia. Sale in pharmacies.
  • Ginseng. A preparation based on ginseng, an excellent adaptogen, has a pronounced stimulating effect on male strength.
  • Bibergeil. The only animal product on the list. This is the name of the beaver stream, the secret of the musk gland of the male beaver. Apply in the form of an alcohol tincture to increase male strength.

Exercises to Increase Male Strength

They are divided into general physical and specific exercises. Basically, both types of training develop endurance and male strength.

  • Bowling gymnastics for men. Exercise system to strengthen and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, improve blood flow to the erectile tissue of the penis. Helps to increase endurance in bed, exercises have been developed for both men and women.
  • Exercises Planck. Gym system for pumping the press and muscles of the pelvis, hips and buttocks. When done right, the effects of masculine power are achieved in romantic relationships. The exercises are designed for both men and women.

How to strengthen male strength at the age of 40-45

Gray in the beard, the devil in the rib. This is what they say about the midlife crisis. During this time, the desire falls short of the possibilities. Young women between the ages of 25 and 30 still do not refuse sexual intercourse to an imposing 40-year-old man with elegant gray hair. Although dropouts are becoming more common. How to improve a man's strength so that possibilities reach the size of desire.

Products that quickly increase male potency

A young body, elastic, tight, round, still excites an aging womanizer. There are now alarming signs of a decline in male strength. Sometimes there are dropouts, the erection falls during intimacy, the penis does not rise enough before the act, the finish is either postponed or not completed. In addition, after 40 years, male wounds accumulate: prostatitis, adenoma, hormonal disorders. During this period, a man can do without stimulant drugs for some time. Limit the use of energizing foods.

List of foods that stimulate desire, increase male strength.

  • Seafood (oysters, clams, prawns, squid);
  • Saltwater fish (stingray meat, shark fins);
  • Meat (rabbit, beef, lamb);
  • Greens (celery, parsley, spinach, dill);
  • Fruits, vegetables (avocado, pomegranate, figs, cabbage, beets);
  • Nuts (pine, walnuts, hazelnuts).

At the midlife crisis age, you need to remember restrictions on the use of some foods from the chronic disease list.

Drug to increase potency in men

In some cases, to increase male strength, it is necessary to use drugs as monotherapy and in combination with food supplements or food supplements.

  • Substances that inhibit the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE). In a simplified form, the inhibition (inhibition) of PDE 5 leads to a violent increase with an increase in blood pressure. That is, under their action, selective venous blood filling of the erectile tissue of the penis occurs. Scientists have synthesized three types of PDE-5 inhibitors.
  • Substances that increase the effects of an enzyme called ATP synthase. This group of dietary supplements is available for hypertensive patients because blood flow to the penis follows a different mechanism without increasing blood pressure.
  • Selective alpha-2 blockers. Preparations based on it improve spermatogenesis, increase potency through the selective inflow of venous blood into the pelvic organs. In some cases, instead of improving mental mood, it can induce depression.
  • Non-selective alpha-2 blockers. They do not selectively relieve the body's vasospasm, which increases blood flow to the body's capillaries and arterioles. The appointment will be discussed with the attending physician.
  • Androgens. Only as directed by your doctor. Analogs of male sex hormones. It is used solely for the loss of male strength due to a decrease in the level of testosterone in the blood. In other cases, on the contrary, it can lead to impotence.
  • Serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Serotonin is a byproduct of an amino acid, the informal name for the mood hormone. The drugs improve male strength, mainly due to psychological problems.

How to quickly bring back male strength at the age of 60-70

70 years are decisive for male strength. On the one hand, age-related physiological problems of body aging, the decline in functions, are increasing. On the other hand, chronic pathologies increase (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prostatitis and many others). After the age of 60, male power must be protected. Irregular sex at this age is dangerous due to irreversible extinction. All appointments must be made with the attending physician. Kegel exercises at this age may be the only way to increase male strength without consulting a doctor. The principle of the exercise is to periodically squeeze and relax the muscles of the buttocks. Regular repetitions for 10-15 minutes a day are an effective way to prolong male vitality. The inclusion of nuts in the diet, foods with moderate potency stimulation, prolongs sexual activity.