Why testicles hurt after excitement

As one satirist once remarked, "Treatment is a confrontation between body and income. " It is likely for this reason that many men prefer not to seek medical help and bypass the urologist's practice until the last moment.

However, when it comes to sex or the reproductive organs, shyness and self-esteem go by without a trace. Especially when problems with the testicles begin, when it is not known what to do and how to move on. We will talk further about the possible reasons and solutions.

Pain in a man's testicles after arousal

Why is this happening

According to statistics, men who are sexually active rarely seek medical help. About 12% of men experience pain after intercourse and only 2% of them go to the doctor on time.

The reason for the agony can be any of the following:

  • Vas deferens disease (infection);
  • Expansion of the veins of the plexus plexus;
  • Trauma to the scrotum;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • Tumors in the reproductive system.

Each of these reasons occurs individually and is not resolved on its own at home. Therefore, for the timely start of treatment, we will take into account the main symptoms of these ailments.

New bodies of the reproductive mechanism

The problem may not appear for a long period of time (from 1 to 10 years). In this case, over time after arousal or after intercourse, a man will experience a feeling of testicular pain. The reason for the development of foreign cells can be the following diseases: hydrocele, orchitis, vesiculitis, prostatitis, cystitis, etc.

The mode of appearance is the same for everyone - the rapid development of atypical cells. Typical symptoms are:

  • Pain to the touch;
  • the formation of dense areas in the scrotum;
  • the seal has clear boundaries;
  • After the end of sexual intercourse, the pain disappears.

Clear advice that will come in handy is to seek medical help. It is impossible to solve the problem on your own, and it is easy to get a malignant tumor that turns into cancer.

Urethral canal disease

Alternatively, the condition could be due to an infection. The main causes of infection are:

  • severe hypothermia;
  • Sex without contraception (unprotected);
  • Antibiotics.

Any of these factors can alter the urethral canal microflora. The subsequent disease of this canal can affect the entire microflora of the reproductive system. More precisely, the infected vas deferens become inflamed, causing discomfort when urinating and severe pain during intercourse.

Plexus praise

A much more serious problem is the change in volume of the spermatic cord veins. Simply put, when the veins responsible for supplying blood to sperm function are enlarged. Usually it manifests itself through the left testicle and very rarely when it manifests itself through the right testicle. The disease is not lightning fast, so in the early stages it is accompanied by complaints in the groin area.

Mechanically, this looks like an expansion of the vein and its "twisting" with others. It is known that the position of the spermatic cords is unchanged, but the real reasons for the twisting of the veins are not yet clear. In this disease, the testicle is twisted 5 - 10 degrees from its "home position".

The problem is that after changing position, the patient has 1 day to maintain the iron atrophy. It is then removed to preserve the pairing of the organ. You can return the veins to their position in two ways: Ivanissevich surgery or Marmar surgery.

Scrotal injury

Pain in a man's testicles

It is common to divide into 2 types: open and closed. The first option (cut, stab, gunshot wound, etc. ) will help immediately. The second option involves soft tissue injuries. More precisely, these are punches, falls, unsuccessful riding and so on.

According to statistics, the pain appears immediately and disappears over time. The recipe for pain relief is very simple. You need to apply ice or a cold compress to the damaged area for 5 to 7 minutes.

If a blood clot has formed from the stroke. As an outward sign, it manifests as a hematoma. Acute pain to the touch is a characteristic symptom. Treatment is prescribed only by the attending physician. The internal hematoma of the groin, unlike the usual, tends to expand, which leads to infertility.

Longer abstinence

As the French writer Ninon de Lanclos once remarked: "Women give up on a whim rather than love. " Literally, this means that men do not always exude intimacy with the opposite sex despite high feelings, marital status and connecting circumstances. Long-term refusal threatens to harm health itself. With prolonged excitement, the testicles hurt at the slightest excitement.

The reason is excessive sperm production or constant stress. The first case provides for the body to self-regulate through its decomposition. But if there are too many of them, there is an increase in the volume of the gland, which is accompanied by pain.

The second option occurs for the same reason. In addition, such symptoms are observed not only in adults in men, but also in adolescents. This is why boys get testicular pain during puberty.

If a boy's testicle is sore before puberty, immediate medical attention is needed. Probable causes can be both previously described and genetic disorders that require attention.

Secrets of Traditional Medicine

Herb used for testicular pain relief in men

Of all the recipes that can be found on Internet portals, honey is the most popular ingredient. The product has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

The following medicinal decoctions are also popular:

  • Flax-based compress (crushed and crushed);
  • Compresses and lotions made from cabbage leaf;
  • Envelopes based on bean flour.

This is not the whole list of folk medicine. The average duration of the treatment procedures is 7 to 10 calendar days. Note, however, that these options do not offer a 100% chance of health.


Most of the stronger sex prefer to keep silent about testicular pain. Guided by the principle "there are 2 diseases in the world: a trifle and a capet", many do not pay due attention to the problem.

As a result, the problem only disappears in 2%, the remaining 98% harm your body. Therefore, if pain does occur, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor, it will not take much time and the health benefits are tangible.