Potency Exercises - Which Are Most Effective For Men?

When dealing with erectile dysfunction, it is better to take an integrated approach rather than just using drugs and medication. In addition, it is imperative for a man to normalize his diet and increase physical activity. Specially developed potency exercises strengthen the muscles, activate blood circulation and improve mood.

How important is activity for "male strength"?

One of the most common causes of decreased male strength is a sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity. Modern criteria of attractiveness are also an even posture, muscle definition and fit.

Regular exercise helps:

  • Provide complete oxygen saturation of tissues and cells of the body;
  • Improve both general blood flow and microcirculation in the pelvic organs;
  • Increase stamina and get in good physical shape;
  • Strengthening the immune system, increasing the body's defenses against infections and viruses.

However, you need to know that the training level should be moderate. Excessive exercise can negatively affect the body systems. Bodybuilding athletes often suffer from sexual dysfunction due to excessive care or the use of pharmacology. Dietary supplements of this type do significant harm to the body, reduce male strength and cause skin diseases.

The most effective exercises for improving potency. Top 20

In order to improve sexual performance, physiotherapy exercise specialists have specially developed complexes that include exercises for male potency and solve various problems. Some of them are designed to increase testosterone levels, some have tonic functions, and still others prevent stagnation from forming. Physical activity is also important for the prevention of inflammatory diseases of the prostate, the work of which largely determines the level of male strength.

Movement that affects the circulation

Normal pelvic blood flow is the key to a stable erection. If the arterial lumens do not expand enough and the venous lumens narrow, fluid circulation is impaired.

Exercise for potency birch

It stagnates in organs, contributes to the development of prostatitis and sexual dysfunction. Potency exercises for men at home will help restore blood circulation without additional visits to gyms. It is enough to carry out a special complex instead of the usual charging.


An exercise familiar to many from childhood. It's very easy:

  • From the prone position, lift your legs so that they form an angle of 90 degrees to the body;
  • Put your hands under the buttocks, tear the pelvis and lower back from the surface of the floor;
  • This requires that only the head and upper back rest on a horizontal surface;
  • Measure in the specified position for 2. 5 minutes.

Exercises for the pubic muscle

These exercises are the first ones recommended to improve erectile function. A small complex will help you feel the muscle and learn to control it. It contains:

  • Stopping the beam. Manipulations are carried out while urinating. The jet must be stopped and restarted. Features: slight painful sensations may appear in the first few daysIf you cannot stop the jet, it indicates muscle weakness. The ideal to strive for is to stop three times in a row;
  • Muscle tension. If the beginning of the complex helps to feel it, then the second exercise teaches control. You need to start with 10 repetitions, the number of which should be increased over time. It is necessary to strain the muscle and maintain this state for as long as possible. The exercise is carried out at any time, the main thing is that the man sits at the same time.


These movements promote blood circulation and effectively stretch the muscles. To complete it is necessary:

  • Do 8 repetitions describing the number "8" with your hips pointing towards your "back";
  • Pull the same number of afts forward;
  • It is important to monitor the body during the exercise - the upper body should remain motionless as much as possible, only the buttocks and lower limbs should be involved.

Jumping squats

An exercise that has a positive effect on blood circulation, but puts a lot of stress on the heart, so movements should be carried out with caution in the presence of heart disease. Required:

  • Squat with your feet shoulder width apart;
  • Place your palms on the floor or mat;
  • With one sharp movement, throw your legs back so that you get the initial push-up position;
  • Gather your lower limbs again and jump into a standing position.

It is recommended to do this exercise 8 times during 4-5 approaches.

Lifting the pelvis

A useful and not too difficult element of gymnastics for male potency, which must be performed 10 or more times. To execute:

  • Lie on the floor, straighten your arms, bend your legs;
  • Raise the pelvis as high as possible;
  • You should support your feet and back on a horizontal surface;
  • To increase the level of difficulty, you can put any weight on and hold your stomach.

Testosterone Producing Loads

Testosterone is a hormone that enables men to be attracted and physically aroused by women.

Deadlift, useful for potency

Strength exercises to increase potency can increase the production of sex hormones and also contribute to beautiful and relieving muscles. Most of the elements are performed in the gym under the supervision of an instructor or experienced partner.


An energy-intensive exercise that affects many joints and muscles. To perform correctly, a man needs to be flexible, so beginners are advised to resort to a gymnastics complex first to increase flexibility and further strengthen the back.

Exercise technique:

  • The back should be straight and tense throughout the exercise;
  • The collection looks straight, when it is lowered, the spine loses its flatness;
  • The chest needs to be moved forward;
  • The first approach is performed with an empty barbell so that the muscles remember the dynamics and correct execution mechanics;
  • The legs should be shoulder width apart;
  • The emphasis is on the heels;
  • When grabbing the bar, your normal grip should be used;
  • Raising the bar is due to the tension in the muscles of the lower extremities and back;
  • After bringing the bar to the highest point, it is important to maintain a straight back position without bending over backwards;
  • You need to slowly lower the load using the muscles of the legs and pelvis.

Squats with weights

These squats are divided into 3 types:

  • Cup - require the use of a weighting agent. It has to be picked up and pressed to the chest. The main position is that the legs are wider than the shoulders, the toes of the feet are turned slightly outward. Your back should be flat throughout the exercise. Squats should be straight, knees turned towards socks, elbows placed at the lowest point between the knees;
  • For more experienced athletes, squats with a barbell on their shoulders are recommended. The bar should be placed on the trapeze behind the head. The hands are at shoulder level with the palms facing forward. It is very important to keep your spine straight to minimize the risk of injury. Inhale should go down, exhale - grow;
  • Front squats are the most difficult technique, but also the most effective. The bar should be held at the level of the collarbone, a little higher. By placing the bar on the collarbone, the athlete prevents the dumbbell from rolling. During the entire range of motion, it is necessary to closely monitor the vertical position of the body.

Bench press

The exercise is performed in the prone position. A special bank is used. The key to correct performance is a comfortable position with support falling on the feet, pelvis, shoulder blades and the back of the head. It is important that the head is fixed. You need to look straight up, it is not recommended to control the movement of the bar with your eyes.

The shoulder blades should be brought together and bent slightly. The knee angle is no more than 90 degrees. The feet are laboriously pressed into the ground, the handle is the most comfortable for a man. When removing the bar from the racks, be sure to clip it in place for a few seconds, then slowly lower it to your chest. When you have reached the optimal bottom point, push up.

Lifting the barbell for biceps

This exercise is very popular with men, but many trainers argue that the technique is often wrong or the strength element does not bring all the benefits, but the risk of injury increases.

Rules for correct execution:

  • The bar is at pelvic level, the handle is slightly wider than the shoulders, the feet are in the same position. The body is straight, the knees are springy. Turn your palms away from you, elbows near the trunk, tighten the press;
  • Forearm movements and biceps strength provide weight lifting;
  • After bringing the projectile to the maximum top point, stop and count to 2;
  • Slowly lower the weight to the starting position
  • Inhale as you descend, exhale as you ascend.

The greatest effect of the power element is achieved under the following conditions:

  • No swinging the bar, giving up quickly;
  • Raising the bar from the pelvis to the shoulders should be done along the trajectory of a wide arc;
  • Moving up is faster than moving down;
  • All elements run smoothly;
  • Keep your elbows slightly bent at the lowest point.

In the first stages you should limit yourself to 8 repetitions and 5 approaches (weight is chosen individually).

Army press

The most famous version of the military bench press is performed as follows:

  • Medium neck (20 kg) with metal pancake locks;
  • Grip principle - the position of the hands is wider than the shoulders;
  • Starting position - a straight spine, spring loaded knees, feet apart;
  • The bar must be squeezed to the greatest tension of the hands, after which the load should be lowered;
  • Make sure that the bar does not touch the chest, but at the same time lower the bar under the chin.

Exercises for normal prostate function

Prostate inflammation and other urological diseases not only have a negative effect on general well-being, but also on erectile function.

Deep squats for good potency

Therefore, it is important to do physical exercises for potency that will have a positive effect on the prostate and ensure its full functionality.


A small set of exercises that are recommended to be done in full, not limited to one or two items:

  1. Grab the back of the chair and crouch 5 times as low as you can.
  2. Perform the same movements, but return to the "standing" position to get up on tiptoe;
  3. Alternately place your legs on an elevation, using your glutes as you move.

Knee raises

To do the exercise properly, you should lie on a horizontal surface. Next Steps:

  • Straighten arms and legs;
  • Raise your right knee and pull it towards your chest;
  • Count to twenty;
  • Back to the original position;
  • Do the same with the left leg;
  • Requires 3 repetitions.

"Superman's Trick"

This element is performed from a prone position. Have to:

  • Extend your arms forward so that your whole body is in line;
  • Yank arms and legs off the floor at the same time;
  • Dissolve them in different directions;
  • Freeze for 15 seconds;
  • Assume the starting pose;
  • Repeat several times.


For this gymnastic element, you should pose on all fours with your palms on the floor. Further:

  • Tear off the left arm and right leg from the floor;
  • Tighten your stomach as much as possible;
  • Pull the upper limbs forward, the lower limbs backward;
  • Freeze for 15-20 seconds;
  • Go back to the beginning and relax;
  • Repeat this by switching arms and legs;
  • Run 8-10 times.

Abdominal breathing

Inhaling the stomach is very beneficial in keeping the prostate functioning properly. Lying on your back, you need to breathe in as deeply as possible and tighten your abdominal muscles. Freeze in this position for 10-20 seconds and then relax.

Often times, a man may "lose breath" after a few seconds in the initial stages, but later the ability not to breathe for up to 1 minute develops.

Gymnastics to increase the potency of men

It is worth paying attention to various oriental practices, as well as exercises developed by Chinese and Japanese teachers to improve potency, which is called gymnastics.

Sedentary bends to improve potency

Even among the elements of yoga, there are movements that are beneficial for restoring sexual function.

Sit bends

The starting position is similar to the lotus position:

  • Bend the right leg and pull the second leg towards the inside of the thigh so that the heel rests on it;
  • Lean along your left leg, clasping your foot with your palms;
  • Hold the position for 3-4 minutes while massaging the foot;
  • Perform the exercise mirrored;
  • It takes 4 approaches.

Classic slopes

A special bending technique that effectively increases male strength. For correct execution it is necessary:

  • Stand upright with your feet apart 70 cm;
  • Stretch your arms to your sides;
  • As you inhale, bend so that the fingers of the left hand touch the right foot while the second hand is looking straight up;
  • Exhale to straighten up;
  • Perform the exercise mirrored;
  • You should do 7-8 repetitions.

"Tail wag"

To create this element you need to take the pose of an embryo, and then:

  • Extend your arms along your body, place your palms up;
  • Relax the muscles of the head, rest your forehead on the floor;
  • Start making movements with the buttocks as if an imaginary tail is wagging;
  • Continue until you experience moderate fatigue.


Several manipulations are required for correct execution:

  • Stand your right leg forward and bend it so that the knee is just above your toes;
  • Put your left leg back, it should be straight and resting on your entire foot;
  • Raise your right hand and extend it forward in one movement, as if a bow were clamped in a fist;
  • Pull back the invisible bowstring with your left side;
  • Contract the pectoral muscles, slightly lift the chin, freeze for 5 minutes;
  • Swap limbs and repeat.


The last exercise relates to ancient Japanese and Chinese spiritual practices. You need to lie down face down and stretch out. Next you need to do the following:

  • Press your palms into the ground and place them just below the shoulder line;
  • Inhale and gently lift the body;
  • The back should bend, but the pelvic bones must be pressed against the surface;
  • When you get to the maximum point, you should throw your head back as far as possible and freeze;
  • Gently and slowly return to the starting position as you exhale;
  • You have to repeat the element at least 10 times.

In addition to carrying out special complexes to increase potency, you should also take regular walks in the fresh air. Regular, but not long, jogging in the morning, swimming in the pool, and yoga are considered useful. The latter ensures the synthesis of sex hormones, stretches the spine, strengthens the hip muscles and has an effect that increases the sensitivity of the nerve endings. In addition, oriental practices harmonize the emotional state necessary for a full life and a balanced mood.