Folk remedies for improving male potency

Taking medication is not always has a good effect, and not a lot of in a hurry to go to the doctor. At the same time weak erections are provoked, not only infertility, but also impotence in the future. How they avoid collisions and increase the effectiveness of traditional methods, describe in the article.

The reasons for problems with potency


Erectile dysfunction — a disease that disappears by a decrease in the level of testosterone in the blood, thereby increasing the male potency. The symptoms can occur before or during intercourse, what a strong homeopathy on the Psyche. After the bad experience with a man to avoid sexual relations, become irritated and their anger on the woman. But according to statistics, more than 95% of cases can be cured if you consult on a doctor.

Problems with potency occur mostly in men, to overcome 40 years of age. This is due to the physiological changes in the body. The disease of a temporary or chronic nature, however, in this and in another case, it must be treated.

The reasons for the weak potency may be psychological or physiological. The former include:

  • severe fatigue, Stress;
  • the fear of the future;
  • a bad sexual experience;
  • overvoltage;
  • longer periods of abstinence from Sex;
  • frequent quarrels with your Partner;
  • chronic fatigue, lack of sleep;
  • Depression and low mental disorders.

From time to time with the Problem of weak potency in front of, young people. To provoke excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking, consumption of fast Food, etc., decrease the male Libido, and, as a result of poor potency. If such problems are systematic, you should see your doctor, as this is a Symptom of a dangerous disease — Diabetes mellitus or cancer can.

Physiological causes for possible problems with the potency:

  • Heart-Vascular Dystonia;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • disturbed hormones;
  • Diseases of the prostate, and others.

Weak potency can be a side effect of taking steroids, sedatives, and tranquilizers.

In case of problems with potency, the first thing you need to do to urologu. In the clinic for the necessary investigations, and to exclude/ confirm the presence of the dangerous disease, as well as the complex treatment appoint.

In addition to the primary therapy, men you should reconsider your life style and eating habits. Smoking and alcohol to promote a speedy recovery. Sport, in turn, will significantly increase the levels of testosterone improve blood.

The methods of increase of a potentiality

According to clinical studies, the peak of sexual activity in men years of age is attributable to the 35. In this time, in the blood, the maximum level of testosterone of up to 5.76 30,43 nmol/L. is decreases each year, this number is more than 15%. In most cases, a healthy man does not feel the recession, and the problems with potency only to begin 45 — 60 years.

A special role in the development of the pathology, a disease of the cardiovascular System play. To the extent available, in the organs of the small pelvis less blood and the sex organs is not flowing to harden sufficiently and increase in size. In the case of men a weak erection is often insufficient for full sexual intercourse. So, the first thing you need to do to heal heart disease.

Healthy heart — the key to a long-lasting erection in men.

Moderate exercise, such as running, swimming, Yoga, are able to the level of the male hormone in the blood. At the same time, excessive passion for the Sport (Bodybuilding) provide reduced an additional burden for the heart and the potency.

You increase the potency with drugs or natural remedies. They particularly pay attention to a healthy lifestyle:

  • stop Smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • get rid of obesity;
  • to eliminate from the diet fatty, salty foods and fast Food;
  • Eat more and fruit.

Drugs men are assigned according to the results of the survey.

Drugs have a temporary effect, and with time the body produces to him, the stability, the potency to heal you have to complex.

Folk remedies are more effective in the case of reduced potency, since, in addition to the effect on the organs, it also increases the immune system and combat the main causes of the disease: hypertension, hypotension, vegetative-vascular disorders, etc.), However, the treatment should take only after consultation with the doctor.

Medicinal plants to increase male power

Plants for the potency of

Phytotherapy — one of the most important directions of traditional medicine. With the help of herbal teas, broths, and teas can cure many diseases, including erectile dysfunction. If the Problem is due to psychological factors (Stress, insomnia), herbal slimming, the voltage, increase vessels the immune system and care for the tone of the blood. If weak potency is a consequence of other, more serious diseases, the application of phytotherapy is only possible in conjunction with the (medical) treatment.

The most useful of herbs to increase the potency are:

  • Nettle — stimulates the urogenital function and to strengthen the erection;
  • Thyme — freed from Prostatitis, impotence and adenoma;
  • Hemp seed — tightens the walls of blood vessels;
  • St. John's wort — improves blood circulation;
  • Parsnips — increases testosterone;
  • Tea rose — strengthens, soothes the immune system.

These and other herbs are sold in the pharmacy, and accessible for everyone. For greater effect, you can mix the components to brew and drink daily 2 cups per day.

Recipes to increase male potency:

  • 100 G of nettle pour to grind 300 ml of boiling water and leave for an hour. Then you red wine, add the honey, and 20 ml. Take tincture before meals 3 P per day;
  • The dry inflorescences of thyme (100 G) with boiling water (200 ml) and leave for about 30 minutes. Drink 2x a day;
  • Roast hemp seeds, take 1 tablespoon per day, before meals. This is an excellent remedy to improve the potency in men, the effect of which is to watch after a few days;
  • Broth Hypericum: 2 Tbsp. L. grasses pour 100 ml of boiling water and let them drain. You drink three times per day for 1 month;
  • Broth, parsnips: 4 tbsp root vegetables, chop and mix with 6 tbsp. L. Sugar. The resulting mixture is poured boiling water and insist within 15 minutes. 3 P drink per day 1 tbsp. L.;
  • Tea made from hop cones also contributes to the improvement of the potency. For the preparation of 1 tbsp. L. crushed fruit are poured brewed Cup of boiling water on low heat for 5 min. Drink tea 3 P per day for 1 Mo.

Tincture of ginseng root

Ginseng — a unique medicinal plant that is not a panacea for every disease. This herb has a calming effect, heals chronic fatigue and is a natural aphrodisiac, which is especially effective in reduced male potency.

Tincture of Ginseng root is sold in every pharmacy, or you can cook: chop the dried roots (20 G) and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Insist in a dark place for three weeks. To increase the potency you should drink 20 drops 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2 months.

Tea made from the root of calamus

Calamus root vulgaris contains camphor, ascorbic acid, and acacia. These substances have a strong tonic effect on the male reproductive ability. Medicinal plant increases the secretion of the gonads, stimulates the production of ejaculate. In daily use, it comes to the activation of the sexual potency, increase the duration and stability of the erection.

To make tea, you need to cut into small pieces of calamus root (100 G) and pour 1 Cup of boiling water. The product is added to 12 hours, honey. You drink the tea 3 times a day for 1.5 months.

The treatment with food

The correct diet not only maintains health, prolongs life, and enhances the potency. So, for the normal sexual activity of the men present in your diet foods rich in vitamins and minerals need to be.

To improve the potency of the following foods:

  • Quail eggs;
  • Sour-Milk Products;
  • Contained olive oil, and black cumin;
  • Pumpkin seeds;
  • Almonds and walnuts;
  • Chili;
  • Spinach and celery;
  • Peaches, apricots, and raisins;
  • Seafood (Mussels, Oysters);
  • Honey;
  • Dry fruit.

From the daily diet exclude products, not the benefits for the body, and replace them with herbs, fresh meat, fish, cereals, legumes and nuts. Food it is recommended that steamed or baked, reduce the consumption of salt, smoked, spices, animal fats Passage (sausage, sausages). The basis of the diet should be fresh fruit.

Very tasty and at the same time effective home remedy in the case of reduced potency mixture of walnuts, cream and honey. The ingredients are delivered in equal proportions, and after eating a tablespoon 2 times a day.

Tea and coffee increase the perfect potency, especially if these drinks add a little cloves, ginger, or saffron.

Tincture of Propolis and honey

Tincture of honey

In the daily use of Propolis is able to, not only the normalization of the potency, but also improve the immunity.

Prepare a tincture at home, you Propolis (100 G), must be crushed paste of honey (3 tablespoons), pour the mass of vodka in a ratio of 1: 2, and insist 2 weeks in a dark place, periodically shaking. The finished tincture strain and take up to 4 times per day, adding in the warm milk.

From the pomace that remains after the filtration can be made of the tinctures, suppositories candles, the regular application is a good prevention of Prostatitis.

Raisins, prunes and figs

Raisins, figs and prunes are able to increase male potency in a few days. For the preparation of medicines will need:

  • 200 gr raisins;
  • 100 G Prunes;
  • 50 G of dried figs;
  • 20 gr of walnuts.

Wipe dried fruits on a fine grater, add the chopped walnuts and pour boiling water over. The mixture is ready let it cool and store in the refrigerator. You eat together with milk or fat cottage cheese 1-2 P per day. For maximum effect, you should add honey.


Sport is especially helpful for men. Light physical activity, such as running, Cycling, squats with barbell, bench press and other exercises of the hip muscles have a positive effect on potency.

During sports, the blood flow to the sex organs, increases activates the metabolism of the body. In addition, strength training the release of testosterone to stimulate. Physical exercises you can at home as a morning exercise or in the gym.

Exercise 1. Lying on the belly, the king's meadow bend, then buckle the ankle with the hands. During inhalation you should have the legs to pull to the top, to delay a few seconds and with exhalation return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5 times. As an addiction gradually increase to 12 times.

Exercise 2. Lying on the belly, upper body lifting and jacking with the palms on the floor. Tilting the head back, draw the shoulders up. Hold this Position for 7 — 10 seconds. Run 2 approach 4-5 times.

Exercise 3. Be just, the king's meadow bend. On-the-spot Jogging to make movements without the socks from the floor within 1 — 2 minutes. Gradually increase the time to 5 min number of reps — 2-3 times per day.


Erectile dysfunction can sooner or later every man to catch. To avoid intimate problems, should the simple recommendations:

  • limit intake of fatty, salty and low quality food. Replace harmful foods with fish, cooked meat, fruit and nuts, milk;
  • Sports (running, Yoga, Cardio-Training);
  • stop to smoke, to drink;
  • Follow overweight;
  • regular Sex (2 — 3 times per week);
  • annually visit the doctor.

Men, you need to rethink your normal life: more rest, avoid Stress, nutrition, normalize, and accused them of bad habits. In most cases, after you increase these simple recommendations potency in a natural way.