What is "pre-ejaculate" in men, composition, important information about the assignment

People who practice intercourse interruption (PAP) as a method of contraception have no idea that it is possible to get pregnant from pre-seminal fluid. The partners focus on the moment of ejaculation and the inadmissibility of sperm entering the vagina. The pre-ejaculate often remains "in the background" although it plays an important role in the process of sexual relations and conception.

What is "pre-ejaculate" in simple terms?

Pre-ejaculate is the pre-seminal fluid that emerges from the opening of the glans in moments of excitement. The substance is usually excreted in the body of everyone, but not everyone is aware of it, as colorless drops are mixed with the partner's secretions.

Lubrication in men when aroused

When does the discharge appear, what do you need to know about it?

The pre-cum is observed both during foreplay or masturbation and during intercourse with the penetration of the penis into the vagina (or otherwise). The fluid is secreted by the bulbourethral glands (Cooper), which are located in the pelvis near the base of a man's penis. The amount of pre-semen is individual (depends mainly on genetics): some have only 2-3 drops of fluid on the head of the penis, while others contain up to 5 ml of lubricant.

Pre-ejaculate in men neutralizes the acidic reaction normally found in the urethra, preparing it for sperm to pass through. The partner's vagina also contains acids that destroy the male sex cells. During the rubbing, the vaginal mucosa is lubricated with Precum, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy. An important role of the pre-seminal secretion is the moistening of the genital tract in order to ensure a comfortable gliding and painlessness.

Composition before ejaculating - does it contain semen?

Pre-sowing is a clear liquid with no characteristic odor and an alkaline reaction from the environment. It contains a large amount of mucus as well as enzymes - mainly alkaline phosphatase.

Sperm in the pre-ejaculate

Doctors are often asked whether there is sperm in the precum.

The answer is yes. When sexually aroused, the testicles are activated and sperm begin to flow into the penile canal. A small part of them can penetrate into the pre-seminal fluid.

Is it possible and realistic to get pregnant from Precum at all: Probability

The subject remains controversial. Some doctors argue that there are very few sperm in the pre-sperm and the cells are immobile so they cannot get to the egg and fertilize it. Others are sure that, under favorable conditions, there is an opportunity to father a child before ejaculate.

The onset of pregnancy before ejaculate

In 2013, a study of pre-seminal fluid in healthy volunteers was conducted. As a result, scientists found that 41% of men had secretly enough sperm to fertilize an egg. Such data destroys the popular myth in society that PPA is an effective method of contraception.

All couples interested in the possibility of conceiving before ejaculating are advised by doctors to use more reliable methods of protection. The likelihood of conception increases with repeated intercourse, as the sperm remaining on the walls of the urethra is excreted into the pre-semen.

How to increase the amount of precum: 5 ways

If too little pre-seed is released and this causes the man discomfort, you can try the following methods:

  1. Long foreplay.Preliminary hand and mouth strokes increase the activity of the male bulbourethral glands and stimulate mucus secretion. To get rid of dryness and uncomfortable friction during intercourse, you must also prepare your partner so that she has a sufficient amount of vaginal secretions.
  2. Eliminate bad habits.Alcoholic beverages cause dehydration of the body and impair the functioning of the urogenital organs. Nicotine has a toxic effect on the testes and bulbourethral glands. Therefore, in order to increase the amount of pre-ejaculate, doctors advise avoiding alcohol and smoking.
  3. Remove harmful foods from the diet.Smoked meat, canned food, soda, and fast food all negatively affect the male reproductive system. If you abuse such foods, the function of the gonads decreases and the volume of pre-ejaculate naturally decreases (in addition, libido and potency deteriorate).
  4. Do the exercises.There are training complexes for men that are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. Their regular performance improves the work of the glands, increases the volume of pre-cum and sperm and prevents prostate diseases. The most common exercises: kegels, squats, lunges, leg raises, rotations.
  5. Set up a drinking schedule. The basis of the pre-seminal liquid is water. When the body is dehydrated, the secret becomes scarce and viscous. The norm for a man is 30 ml of non-carbonated unsweetened water per kg of body weight (soups and liquid foods are not considered).

How to reduce the amount of precum: 5 methods

A lot of precum is usually released in adolescents and young men. As the body ages, secretion production decreases. If a heavy discharge is soaking your laundry and causing discomfort, there are options to reduce the amount of pre-seminal fluid.

  1. Have sex regularly.Sex life normalizes the work of the secretory glands, there is no stagnation and accumulation of mucus in them. Men who have sex three or more times a week are much less likely to have problems draining excess lubricant than men who have sex once a month.
  2. See a urologist.Sometimes the release of an increased volume of fluid from the penis indicates inflammatory diseases, which can be asymptomatic. If pre-ejaculate secretion suddenly increases, it is best to see your doctor. The urologist will examine the genitals and tell you the reason.
  3. Avoid pre-stimulation.If there are no problems with erection, then a man can proceed to penetration immediately and avoid prolonged foreplay. This can only be done when the partner is ready, otherwise there will be painful friction due to the dryness of the vaginal mucosa.
  4. Choose the right underwear.The use of tight-fitting panties made of synthetic materials negatively affects a man's sexual health, and in addition, poorly absorbs the drops of lubricant that are released. Doctors recommend buying cotton underwear of a size that will not compress the scrotum and penis.
  5. Use food supplements.Products for the health of men are offered, which have a complex influence on the condition of the genitals and improve their function. There is a possibility that after using the dietary supplement (it is important to consult a specialist before using it), the work of the bulbourethral glands will normalize and the amount of lubricant will decrease. In either case, the effectiveness will be better.

It is important to understand that to achieve a significant reduction in pre-seminal fluid, when all is OK with health in general, is important to understand, since pre-seminal fluid production is a natural part of male physiology.

What if the precum is cloudy or foamy?

An atypical type of Presemen indicates diseases of the genitourinary system. Changes are observed in prostatitis, inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) and damage to the bulbourethral glands (couperit).


In addition to the cloudy ejaculate, men feel uncomfortable pressure and a feeling of heaviness in the perineum during sex. A burning sensation and itching are common when urinating. If the secret foams and takes on an unpleasant smell, then it is likely that the man has a sexually transmitted disease:

  • Gonorrhea;
  • Chlamydia;
  • Ureaplasmosis.

In such a situation, a person needs to see a urologist (in person). Sexual intercourse should be stopped before diagnosis so as not to infect the partner. The doctor will diagnose and select drugs. After the treatment, the composition and type of precum will return to normal.


  • "I recently became convinced that the PAP is an unreliable path. My wife and I have always used this method, there have never been any dropouts. When I found out the family was going to be replenished, I thought my wife was cheating. They even took a paternity test, but everything is fine here, my child. Then the doctor (gynecologist) explained that sperm are excreted before orgasm, so pregnancy before ejaculate is not so rare. "
  • "I recently noticed that before sex, a strange, cloudy liquid with a yellowish tinge is released that doesn't look like regular lubricant at all. Then he began to pull on the lower abdomen, there were some unpleasant sensations during orgasm in the perineum. The doctor found out that he contracted an infection and needed antibiotics. "
  • "All conversations about the possibility of conception from a predecessor are utter nonsense. I read in the forums that there is no sperm in the precum and the only risk of pregnancy is if you have sex several times in a row without a condom. My girlfriend and I use PPA, there have been no problems in the relationship for 5 years. When we go to the second run, carefully my penis to remove the rest of the sperm. "