Vitamins for potency in men

The problem of impotence is an acute issue for men of our generation. Bad environmental conditions, immobile lifestyle, unhealthy diet and bad habits all affect the general condition of the body.

Various factors can cause sexual impotence:

Potency in men
  • Disorders of the endocrine system
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Mental illness
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • hypotension
  • prostatitis
  • urolithiasis
  • obesity

Age-related changes are also a factor that affects effectiveness. Most men over 50 have genital diseases. Nowadays, however, more and more people are coming to the doctor at the age of 30, sometimes younger. It's all to blame for stressful situations at work and lack of sleep.

Which vitamins affect male potency?

There are a number of methods to get rid of sexual impotence including: medication, traditional medicine, prostate massage, surgery.Vitamins for potencyplay an important role. The best way to avoid disease isto take male vitamins for potency.

Let's take a closer look at whichvitamins are present to increase potencyand their role in a man's body:

  1. Vitamin B1 has a tonic effect, a deficiency in this vitamin leads to lethargy and drowsiness. B1 improves brain function, increases blood flow and maintains muscle tone. The main products that contain this substance are: beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, whole grain flour products, black bread, peanuts, pork dishes.
  2. Vitamin B3 activates the brain, relieves depressive states, has a positive effect on the muscle corset and helps to gain muscle mass when training in the gym. Foods that contain this vitamin: legumes, nuts, yeast and yeast, beetroot, tuna, salmon.
  3. Vitamin B6 contributes to the natural production of the happiness hormone, gives you energy and strength for the whole day. The substance eliminates the symptoms of chronic fatigue, fights numbness and fatigue. B6 occurs in the following foods: eggs, bananas, carrots, tuna, prawns, sunflower seeds.
  4. Vitamin B9 restores the work of the central nervous system, eliminates insomnia, weakness, relieves depression and improves mood. The main foods that contain this element are: vegetables, vegetables, citrus fruits, legumes, tuna, shrimp.
  5. Vitamin B12 restores nerve cells, improves blood condition, promotes tissue regeneration, strengthens immunity, improves gastrointestinal function, restores hair and nails. Vitamin is found in yeast, dairy products, eggs and seafood.
  6. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, promotes the production of sex hormones and increases libido. Vitamin is found in tomatoes, beets, cabbage, lettuce, sorrel, herbs, citrus fruits, currants, rose hips, viburnum, peppers, garlic and many others.
  7. Vitamin D contributes to the natural release of testosterone in the body, improves the potency and quality of the semen. The vitamin is made by exposure to sunlight. Products that contain this substance are: cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, carrots, butter, fish oil, cheese.
  8. Vitamin E restores hormone levels, improves the condition of the skin and has a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails. Since ancient times, this vitamin has been considered an element of youth. The substance is found in nuts, vegetable oils, seeds, meat, bran, dairy products and soy.
  9. Vitamin A plays an important role in regeneration, strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and normalizes heart function. The substance is found in hawthorn, carrots, spinach, liver, cheese, sour cream.
  10. Zinc promotes testosterone production, improves sperm quality and motility, and eliminates inflammation. Zinc is found in fish, nuts, eggs, and seafood.
  11. Selenium is found in chickens, eggs, nuts, corn and tomatoes. The element is important for the sexual function of men and promotes erection.

The abovevitamins for male potencyplay a crucial role in testosterone production and the maintenance of libido. Bad habits and the abuse of fatty foods can lead to hormonal imbalances. A balanced preparation with the content of essential vitamins and minerals supports the immune system of a man and resists hormonal imbalances.

Which drugs or preparations contain the necessary vitamins?

increased potency in men

It is definitely impossible to answerto the question of which vitamin is better for potency, since all elements are actively involved in the formation of the hormonal background and health of a man. There are complex preparations for which the best vitamins for effectiveness are.

Vitamins to increase potency in menvary both in price category and in composition. Doctors recommend taking cheaper drugs as the chance of counterfeiting is much lower.

Conclusions from article

Vitamins to increase potencyare always in demand because they have no contraindications and have a strengthening effect on the body. No overdose has been detected as the body only absorbs the required amount of elements and the excess is not absorbed.

Poor environmental conditions have a negative effect on the effectiveness, as heavy metals contained in the air accumulate in the body and cause inflammation. Bad habits adversely affect hormones, block testosterone production, and make a man like a woman. An immobile lifestyle causes spinal problems, muscle weakness, poor coordination and impotence. Inflammatory processes in the genitals, prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases are also the causes of a weak erection.

To prevent prostatitis, you need to exercise regularly and take part in temperature control. These measures increase blood flow to the penis and relieve congestion.Only a doctor can prescribe vitamins for men to improve potency. At the first symptoms of impotence, see a specialist and get checked for infections, as a lack of erection is one of the symptoms of the disease.

Manyask the question which vitamins should be taken for potency. There is no unequivocal answer as it all depends on the patient's condition and the desired outcome.