Greater potency in men after 40 years.

Impotence is not a disease of the elderly, as many think. The first "bells" can appear even before retirement, it is important to monitor your health. An increase in potency is possible in men after 40 years without hormonal drugs. To begin with, it is worth finding out what happens to the body and how to notice a weak erection in time. To combat the disease, folk recipes, medications, sports exercises are used.

What happens to a man at 40?

Many men's 40-year-old line leads to depression. Some, feeling the approach of old age, abandon sex life, inventing problems with erectile function. However, poor potency is often observed; sometimes it is impossible to do without the help of a doctor. This is due to hormonal changes in the body, namely a decrease in testosterone levels, which is responsible for men's health. At the age of 25-30 years, its production reaches a maximum, after 30 it begins to gradually decrease. At forty, testosterone synthesis can stop suddenly, causing a weakening of the erection. This happens under the influence of the following factors:

  • lack of regular sexual relations;
  • overweight;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • excessive alcohol consumption, smoking;
  • hormone therapy;
  • pathology of the genitourinary system;
  • brain injury;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • diseases of the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems.

According to statistics, a man becomes a couple of 15 women in his entire life.

By the age of 40, almost half have problems in bed, but many do not seek to find out why the potency decreases. By age 50, about 68% of men are unable to make love because of a flaccid penis, pain, or lack of desire.

Normally, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes to arouse the penis, while the act lasts 5 to 20 minutes and ends with ejaculation. Potency in men after 40 deteriorates gradually or abruptly, and the ailment can be accompanied constantly or appear only occasionally (with fatigue, bad relationships with the partner or stress, physical effort).

Signs of impotence in 40-year-old men

At 40, the androgenic break is not the norm, it appears more often in old age. A sharp loss of libido or erection is not a sign of male menopause. It comes slowly, and goes on for several months or years. It is necessary to pay attention to impotence symptoms such as:

  • lack of sexual desire and after 40 you don't want to make love with any woman, and not just with a regular partner;
  • erections take longer than usual (long-term stimulation required);
  • the strength of the erection decreases when the penis is aroused, but this is not enough for sex;
  • ejaculation occurs 2-3 minutes after the start of intercourse;
  • there is no ejaculation at all, the man is in a bad position and in the middle of the process the penis simply "falls";
  • making love is not fun.

In adulthood, most men cannot conceive a child, this is due to their low potency. General symptoms may also accompany: pain when urinating or having sex, false urge to use the bathroom, malaise, insomnia, depression. Perhaps an increase in the mammary glands and the appearance of fatty deposits on the abdomen, thighs (the figure becomes like a wife). Once the signs of erectile dysfunction are identified, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Fight against impotence

Medicines to increase potency in men after 40 work quickly, but are not always safe. In some cases, it is impossible to do without hormone therapy or stimulants. More often it is possible to cope with the disease on its own: try folk remedies, improve sex life, nutrition. It is only important to spend time on this, as it will not be possible to achieve the result in 5-10 days.

In addition, it is recommended to solve potency problems at age 40 in a complex way, that is, to try several methods at the same time. You must follow simple rules to regain male strength:

  1. Daily routine. Make a schedule so you have the time and energy to sleep well, rest from work and housework, sports.
  2. Proper nutrition. The daily menu should contain a sufficient amount of calories (calculated individually according to lifestyle), proteins, vitamins and fats. You can not do without meat, eggs, nuts, fresh fruits, herbs.
  3. Sex life after 40. You need to get rid of complexes and the fear of failure in bed to recover from psychological impotence. Without a regular sex life, it will be problematic to restore testosterone synthesis. If necessary, it is advisable to go to a psychotherapist or sexologist.
  4. Bad habits. Smoking or regular consumption of alcoholic beverages will sooner or later lead to a decline in erectile function and general health. It is better to completely get rid of nicotine addiction. You are allowed to occasionally drink a glass of red wine or alcoholic tincture.

If the health of men after 40 continues to deteriorate, you should consult a specialist. After the examination, he will prescribe treatment, counting all the features of the diagnosis. You can't hide the problem and refuse help, hoping that everything will go away on its own. Lack of erection at this age is not the norm, but rather a pathology.

Pills to increase potency in men after 40

Everyone is used to the fact that you can drink 1-2 tablets before sexual intercourse and achieve a persistent erection. For treatment, completely different drugs are used. This group has a quick effect, but it does not cure the disease. The pill works for about 2-5 hours, after which the problem returns.

Statins are prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system, which negatively affect reproductive function. The action of the funds aims to eliminate the symptoms and causes of potency problems at age 40.

Psychotropic drugs are seldom used to treat impotence. Antidepressants are generally only required for severe mental illness. It should be noted that some of them can adversely affect potency, especially with long-term use and high doses. For this reason, it is extremely important to undergo medical supervision.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements has not been proven, but the reviews from men who have tried dietary supplements are positive. These products contain only natural ingredients, which makes the drug safe for general health. Results should wait a long time, as treatment for decreased potency in men for various reasons lasts from 2 to 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on the drug.

Increased potency in men after 40: home remedies

Alternative medicine has treated a variety of diseases for several centuries, including the reproductive system. It is recommended to combine it with medications to achieve a stronger effect. Homemade decoctions, infusions, mixtures are prepared based on honey, walnuts, thyme, rose hip, hawthorn, ginger, ginseng.

How can potency be increased in men after 45 years? A decoction of thyme, wild rose berries and minced ginger will restore strength. It is enough to mix the components in equal quantities (1 tablespoon each), pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave under the lid for 5 hours. Strain before use and drink 50 ml before meals.

A tasty product: a mixture of dried fruits (walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts) with honey. Which will help if sexual activity has decreased. The products are mixed in equal amounts and eaten every day for 2-3 tsp. twice daily. It is recommended to use the medicine together with milk to enhance the effect.

Medunica medicinal tincture will help to improve testosterone production. For 1 glass of water, take 10 g of raw materials, boil for several minutes. The cooled broth is taken three times a day.

There are unusual techniques to make sex with a 40-year-old man more brilliant. One of them is the application of ice to the skull, heart area, testicles. Keep ice for no more than 1 minute in each area through gauze or a fine cloth.

How to increase libido in men after 40

Sex life after 40 years will be better if you do physical exercise. First, they allow you to become more active, and secondly, they increase testosterone synthesis. You can do special complexes against impotence or just play sports (running, jumping, swimming). What to do with low power at 40:

  1. Pelvic rotation. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt. Make circular movements with your pelvis, trying not to lift your feet off the floor.
  2. Bicycle. In the prone position, raise your legs and perform movements as if you were on a bicycle. The arms are along the body, the head and the shoulder blades pressed against the floor.
  3. Boat. Starting position: lying face down. During the inhale, you should raise your arms and stretch forward as much as possible, while your legs are also raised off the floor. As you exhale, lower your limbs and rest for a few seconds.
  4. Squats. With your legs shoulder-width apart, your arms are bent at the elbows in front of you during the performance. As you inhale, sit up, stretch your glutes, then exhale and stand up.

Each exercise is performed in 2-3 sets, performing 10-15 repetitions. It is recommended to move more each day, such as walking outdoors. Physical activity includes sex, so a man over 40 should have it.

Prevention of impotence in men at 40

diet food with power

Fortunately, it is possible to extend your intimate life up to 55-60 years. Even if the health of men after 40 is not concerned, it is advisable to think about the prevention of impotence. It consists of simple tricks that everyone can remember:

  • give up fast food, fatty foods, sweets;
  • take vitamin complexes regularly;
  • stop smoking and, if possible, also stop consuming alcoholic beverages;
  • get regular tests to check blood sugar and cholesterol levels;
  • control blood pressure;
  • play sports (at least walk and exercise in the morning);
  • find a regular partner, since casual relationships cause sexually transmitted diseases;

With the onset of sexual activity (and this happens between the ages of 16 and 19), it is necessary to undergo regular medical examinations. This will help to notice deviations and infectious diseases early, before they have time to turn into a chronic form.

Good potency in men at 40 is not a myth, but a reality. At this age, there can be no male menopause. If you have problems, you need to think about nutrition, hormone levels, and sexual activity. Perhaps it was the lack of sports or vitamins that caused the impotence. In cases where it has not been possible to cope with the disease on your own, you should make an appointment with a urologist.