Preejaculation and other arousal secretions in men

To avoid unwanted pregnancies, people do not always use contraception. Some people prefer interrupted sex. In an erect state, the lubricating pre-seminal fluid is released from the male member. It is believed to contain sperm, so this method of birth control is not 100% guaranteed. However, not all experts agree with this statement.

men arousal

Secrets of abnormal and natural sexual desire

Natural discharge when excited is a sign of male health. By its smell, color, structure, the state of fertility is determined.

The appearance of a natural secret

The fluid released by the seminal canal at the time of arousal helps the sperm to enter the egg. When a gamete enters the vagina, there are many obstacles in its way. Most of them cannot reach their destination due to high acidity in the female organ.

Most of the sperm in such an environment die without reaching the egg. The secretion that comes out of the urethra reduces the acidity in the vagina: the gametes have a chance to reach their destination.

Normal secret of transparent color, without unusual aroma. The structure is of medium density. There are no impurities in the secretions.

The secret can be observed not only with sexual desire, but also with the morning erection. With intimate caresses: the body prepares itself for sexual contact.

The volume of fluid depends on the strength of the excitation and the characteristics of the body. With a strong sex drive, ejaculation is synthesized in larger quantities.

The volume of the secret reaches five milligrams. Sometimes only a few drops are seen or there is no liquid at all. Along with ejaculation, sperm are excreted. This must be taken into account: the interruption of sexual intercourse is not capable of preventing conception 100%. Some gametes can reach the ovum. This is what the majority think.

The natural secretion that occurs during intimacy is called sperm. It consists of gametes and penile mucus. It has a thick consistency and a whitish tint. Leave the penis after sexual release.

Secret indicators are normal

Each has an individual volume of secreted fluid. A man should know it. When there are changes in the amount, structure, color and smell of the discharge, it is recommended to consult a specialist. This often indicates the development of various diseases.

However, changes do not always indicate pathologies. If a man has not had sex for a long time, the discharge comes out in large volume, has a thick consistency. The secret is visually murkier than usual. Has no blood impurities, yellow tint. The normal download should have the following characteristics:

  • absolutely transparent shadow;
  • no unpleasant odor;
  • medium density.

The state of secrecy is also affected by the presence of addictions (alcohol dependence, smoking, drug use). Regular stress and strong emotional disturbances also affect men's health.

Sometimes discharge during sexual preparation leads to the urge to defecate. This is normal, but it shouldn't happen too often.

Lack of intimate hygiene leads to the formation of a secretion secreted by the sebaceous glands of the inner layer of the foreskin of the penis. Such discharge appears in the folds of the skin of the glans. This is a pathological condition that causes infectious and inflammatory processes.

During puberty, nocturnal emissions occur. This is due to erotic dreams that lead to arousal. An erection and involuntary ejaculation occur. This is a physiological norm.

Change in secretion as a sign of pathological conditions

A change in secrecy may indicate pathological processes:

  • inflammatory processes in the urinary system resulting from infection with pathogens;
  • ITS;
  • cancerous growths;
  • problems after postponed surgical impact;
  • trauma to the genitourinary system.

The secret can be produced in different quantities (depending on the disease and your carelessness). In discharge with pathologies, blood fluid, pus is observed. Its density and tone change.

Stretching the transparent discharge indicates the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. In severe diseases, pus appears secretly and collects on the tip of the penis.

Along with a change in secrecy, an unpleasant sensation, swelling of the penis can occur.

When mucus is observed in place of a normal discharge, this indicates a high concentration of leukocytes in the secretions. This indicates the presence of an STD. Pus in the discharge indicates trichomoniasis. With gonorrhea, ejaculation turns green and smells bad.

Diseases of the genitourinary system are easier to cure in the initial stages of formation. Therefore, the discharge from the penis must be constantly monitored. In case of pathological changes, you should consult a doctor.

Causes of pathological changes

The reasons for changing the secret of the penis are varied. Most often, this indicates an infection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs, STIs).

Pathologies caused by bacteria:

  • inguinal granuloma;
  • soft chancroid;
  • Syphilis infection;
  • lymphatic granuloma;
  • chlamydia;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • ureaplasmosis.

Viral lesions:

  • human immunodeficiency virus;
  • herpes;
  • papillomatosis;
  • molluscum contagiosum.

Diseases caused by the penetration of parasites:

  • pubic lice;
  • scabies.

The Candida fungus can trigger a pathological condition. The disease is called thrush.

The prostate gland participates in the synthesis of semen. It produces a secret, without which the sperm loses its functionality. With prostatitis, its volume increases.

In case of violations in the prostate gland at the time of sexual arousal, a large amount of discharge comes out of the penis. This is a secret of the prostate, similar to pre-ejaculation.

A large amount of discharge may indicate pathological conditions:

  • inflammation;
  • allergic reaction;
  • hypothermia;
  • physical and chemical damage.
sex drive

Clear mucus appears after probing. This is a protective reaction to micro-damage on the surface of the inner shell. A clear discharge during ejaculation indicates fertility problems.

Only a specialist can determine the pathogenesis of a pathological condition. Makes a diagnosis based not only on a visual examination of the secret, but also on its biochemical composition. For this, several diagnostic methods are assigned.

Pre ejaculation

Pre-ejaculation (pre-seminal fluid, pre-seed) is a secret that arises from intimate contact or self-satisfaction from the opening of the penis. It should be viscous, transparent in color if the state of health is normal. Such discharge says that everything is in order with the reproductive function.

Pre-seed training

The secret is synthesized:

  • glands located at the base of the penis;
  • the tubular-alveolar glands of the urethra, located between the bladder and urine production.

With normal pre-ejaculation, secretions are produced in an amount of 3-10 mg. The volume depends on the age of the man: the older it is, the less secret. Pre-seed is an excellent vehicle for various infections.

In most cases, a man does not realize the secret. But sometimes before the seed can leave marks on clothing. When pre-semen is observed outside of intercourse, this indicates a disorder in the prostate. You should contact a urologist immediately.

Pre-ejaculation recipe

Pre-ejaculation performs the following functions:

  • creates an environment conducive to sperm;
  • removes residual semen and urine;
  • reduces acidity;
  • promotes successful conception.

Pre-semen laboratory tests can diagnose various diseases.

Before the seed and conception

The pre-seed has sperm in its components, this is what many people and experts assume.

Because of this, it is believed that the interruption of sexual contact is not a reliable method of contraception.


Sperm are made up of seminal fluid and sperm. Cookies are synthesized along with testosterone in the testes. The second substance is the secretion of the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland. It is the sperm that leads to the fertilization of the ovum.

The testes and the previous seed are not related. If the secretion enters the seminal fluid, the gametes are not produced in sufficient quantities.

Medical delusion

The opinion that there are cookies in front of the seed arose due to frequent cases of fertilization even after interrupted sexual contact. This assumption is reflected in the medical and scientific literature. Even teachers in higher education institutions pass this information on to their students.

However, some experts believe that this statement is an illusion. In Israel, an experiment was conducted to confirm or refute the view that there are gametes in pre-ejaculation.


Twenty men of different ages participated in the experiment. Some of them were completely healthy, while others had problems with the genitourinary system.

Each biological material was collected and studied under medical equipment. No sperm sample was found. It is proven that the opinion about the content of cookies in pre-ejaculation is wrong. This experiment was the only one, no further research was done.

Sexual interruption

Interrupted intimate contact: the exit of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. During sex, only the previous seed is released from the organ. In it, as the experiment showed, there are no sperm, which means that you cannot get pregnant from it. However, fertilization of an egg during an interrupted act occurs very frequently.

This protection method is not effective for the following reasons:

  • withdrawal from the penis too late (this often happens with premature ejaculation);
  • the rest of the sperm in the tract after the previous sexual intercourse (they enter the female body together with the pre-sperm);
  • severe overexcitation, in which the man cannot control ejaculation.

The most common case of oocyte fertilization is late withdrawal of the penis from the vagina. A man may not even suspect that ejaculation has started.

Pre-seed creates a favorable environment for sperm during fertilization of the ovum. By itself it cannot cause pregnancy. However, you should not use interruption of intercourse as a contraceptive method. Its effectiveness is quite low.