Man's G-spot and Stimulation

All of you talk about the female point of G. But know that it is you and men? We will tell you where it is, and how we treat them.


Male G spot is the prostate. This gland is the second largest reminiscent of chestnut, is located below the urinary bladder and is on the production of secretions to the ejaculate. The Stimulation of the male G-spot is in the truest sense of the word, by "the back door". That is exactly the Problem for many of them, because to reach the cherished gland can only through the Anus.

The G-spot is here!

For most men, this part of your body connected with negative associations. You immediately think rectal exams by a urologist, suspicion of cancer. Add to that the negative attitude to homosexuality. However, over time, the number of those in the prostate, causing positive, or more pleasant associations, increases.

Many men who have tried the Stimulation of the prostate gland, speaking of sensational sensations and unexpectedly strong orgasms. This is founded in a subjective sense, scientifically, because the sexual scientists found that in the case of the Massage area of the prostate at the same time, the 3 parts of the male orgasm increase. Contraction of the urethra and the prostate, and the muscles of the pelvic floor do the climax closer and brighter, even if it seems that the man, long before the ejaculation.

The G-Spot Stimulation

Explosive orgasms — sounds tempting, but as your Partner is to you? The first thing you need to consider, caution is advised. Stimulation requires accuracy and Hygiene due to the special position of the male point G. Many men out of the lane if it is Massage the prostate. The Experiment arouses curiosity, but hardly anyone can imagine the way to orgasm via the Anus. To do if the partners try still hesitant with this new product, in front of you various possibilities of this.

Damage to the sensitive intestinal mucosa, the nails have to be short. Condoms and lubricant for hygienic and pain-free introduction of the Finger or Sex toy. The prostate stimulate the need to directly penetrate about 5-7 inches into the rectum of the man.

Be careful and give yourself time to tap the prostate. It is not so easy for inexperienced people. Tip: if the Partner swells nervous, his prostate, that facilitates the detection. If you find you, start gently sliding it in the direction of on the abdomen. You need to tell you, if you point G. caution massiruj touch her slightly nadavlivaj and make circular movements.

Without fingers: indirect Stimulation

If your Partner may not like the idea of penetration, but he was interested in the Experiment, a indirect Stimulation. A thorough Massage of the area between the scrotum and Anus are stimulated with the fingers or a Vibrator to the prostate from the outside. Your husband say, which is the pressure him the most fun. A further advantage of this from the outside, the applied technique is that it can't be, no security measures should be carried out and during sexual intercourse. You care for a man, there's a huge range of sensations.


Not every man like the thought of the penetration in his Anus. So don't get on the Massage of the prostate, without his consent — it can be perceived as an insult. First of all, you discuss this topic and all the points on the I. who belongs to the foreign body with respect and reverence, hardly confused can be. If you know that the Stimulation of men have not caused any sexual joy, do not worry. You Partner proved that they talk openly to each other about everything and try everything. They create the ideal basis for good relations, but not only for the sexual life! Congratulations!!