Which products increase potency in men - list

The right food for the potency of men is not necessarily complicated in the preparation of food. Strengthening the Libido situation, which Can usual and fruit. Don't forget bees on the benefits of honey. The daily consumption of it in small quantities, especially in combination with other products, increases the production of hormones, which have a positive influence on the potency.


If the answers to the question, what foods are good for male potency, you first need to mention, Can. For the prevention of impotence, it is recommended that daily eat bananas as "fruit of passion and sensuality". To help a couple of yellow fruits per day, back Tonus of the organism, is the charge of the sexual energy. Bananas aphrodisiacs are, augmentative potency. The daily diet of a man should still be added to such fruits as:

Nuts for potency
  • Oranges, lemons, conducive to the development of the hormone testosterone;
  • apricots, without any problems with reduced Libido;
  • Avocado, in which the folic acid, helps with a longer erection.

Milk products

Nutritionists advise to consume dairy products for the enhancement of the potency. Sour cream, butter milk, cream and cheese are excellent helpers in the fight against sexual dysfunction in men. Thanks to the presence of essential amino acids and vitamins, goat's milk has an impact on the male Libido. This Tool has been tested for centuries.

Stimulate the sexual energy, such as garlic, carrots, beets. Promote the blood circulation and to rejuvenate the body. Garlic works as a rejuvenation of the Apple from the fairy tale: increases the potency and invigorates. A rich composition of Can contains vitamins D, C, B, essential oils, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

It is known that natural aphrodisiacs increase Libido and can. This nuts – the necessary products to increase the potency, not necessarily in the daily diet of every man belong to. You control the force of the sexual activity, rules, mechanisms, ejaculation, erection, arousal. Only 50 grams of nuts a day can live the man a fulfilling sex. For the improvement of sexual activity:

  • Walnuts;
  • Almond;
  • Cashew;
  • Pistachios;
  • Peanuts;
  • the hazelnuts.


Particularly useful for improving the potency celery, spinach, coriander and parsley. They are rich in Vitamin C, B1, B2, iron, calcium, Magnesium, phosphorus. Parsley contains Apigenin that inhibits the action of the female hormone estrogen, potency negatively affected. Celery is rich in zinc, but this important trace element provider the provider is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone exerts a positive influence not only during erectile dysfunction, but also on the reproductive ability of the man. Herbs for the potency better to eat raw, because during the heat treatment reduces the amount of nutrients.

Not less important is the food for the increase of potency in men of animal origin. Exclusively vegetable food does not have enough energy. Fish and meat dishes should also be in the diet of the men. The saturation of the body with the nutrients should be distributed according to time of day. So, to increase Libido on the Breakfast food should be rich in carbohydrates.


The best is the seafood, is able to boost Libido, are considered to be oysters. The mollusks are known stimulating effect on the male Organ, because you included in the composition of dopamine – a substance increase the production of sex hormones. Suitable for men oysters, fresh in the spring. Scientists have found that in this season the concentration of zinc and the amino acids in the Mollusca is very high, as they proliferate actively.

Nuts with honey

Quail eggs

In the Protein of raw eggs quail contains much more Protein than chicken, so they are more useful for the male body. The presence of Interferon, increases the inflammation of the prostate, the sexual stamina and improving sexual desire. It is recommended that raw quail eggs, because scrambled eggs is already a product, its heat-treated, and therefore lost a large part of their nutrients.

If you regularly drink colorful testicles (for 3-4 months), then the orgasm is sharper and brighter, to shrink during the recovery period between sexual contacts. Note, however, that these allergens product, so miss, you don't need need. For the prevention of allergies drinks from lemon juice (15 G), quail eggs (3 PCs, it is recommended.), Honey (15 G), brandy (20 G) and water (100 ml). This Cocktail drink is useful for the potency 2-3 times per week for 3 months.

Eat seafood and marine fish we recommend for a fast solution of sexual problems. Of all the varieties of food scientists distinguish:

  1. Mackerel. Contains an easily digestible Protein. In Bonito, iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, phosphorus is concentrated. The regular inclusion of these fish in the diet is guaranteed to improve the erectile function in men.
  2. Fluke. Is not only amazing taste, but also quick impact on the erections. Even considered useful plaice, steamed. Salted and dried fish loses half of its useful properties.
  3. Mussels. How and oysters are rich in useful for the male lead elements. Due to the high content of protein and zinc consumption of shellfish faster erections promotes improvement in the quality of the sperm.

Increase the production of testosterone, helps the tincture of Ginseng. Cook it is not difficult. You chop the root, then add to vodka or alcohol (1:20). Then put the mixture in a dark place and let sit for 2 weeks. Then, within a month before eating, take 25 drops of the tincture. The drink not only helps the increase in the number of sperm, but also the psychological state normalizes, what is also important for the health of the man.

The erection is a complex process of the organism in which different systems involved:

  • nervous
  • hormonal;
  • Cardiovascular;
  • sexual.

Only in the case of proper operation of each of them happens, the filling of the Penis with blood, allowing him the necessary hardness for the Commission frictions, the to ejaculation and orgasm.

Principles of proper nutrition easy, you just have to adjust to your body and life style. Products for erections should be fresh, if possible with quality and natural.

If there is the possibility of purchasing Can, meat, milk at the farm and not in the Shop – wonderful. Repeated freezing kills the vitamins, simply fresh herring ensures more nutritional value than a more expensive red fish, a half a year behind the freezer. Also:

Products to improve erectile function
  1. Not conveyor belt, Hack Breakfast or replace it to an empty coffee can. In the morning it is advisable to keep to the porridge with fruit, oatmeal, in the extreme case, a boiled egg and a piece of bread with a thin layer of oil will help.
  2. Meals should be regular, 3-5 times per day. This mode helps to hit in the evening on everything in the fridge.
  3. You drink you must. Purified water in an amount of 1-1,5 liters of accelerating the metabolism. Milk, juice, tea, drinks – food.
  4. The less a product is processed, before he in the hands of the consumer, the more useful. Sweet porridge from a bag of non-healing properties compared with a simple "Hercules", the cooking time.
  5. The calorie intake must be selected on the basis of the way of life. When in the office enough staff holds 1200-1500 calories, construction workers, or port workers on such a diet for very long.
  6. To take preferably on the container with the food or in the vicinity of a nice cafe where you have your lunch with main dish, meat, fish or salad. Cakes and pies are not the best choice.
  7. Should of food-a waste of Mayonnaise, sausage, carbonated drinks, meat, burgers, crackers. These products are rich zustzen of fat, spices, flavor. Regular consumption of such a gastronomic Carta provoke allergies, obesity, invites the pancreas, the liver.
  8. Useful a bag with nuts, raisins or other fruits dry. Thus, you can quickly and sudden Hunger to breast-feeding without harm to the body

Traditional recipes to increase potency in men


The best products, the potency, life in the sea. From there, on the table excellent aphrodisiacs, not to mention under which shrimp, crabs, clams, octopus traps, the sperm, promote the Regeneration and increase the potency. This is selenium, due to the high content of these products, and zinc.

  • Oysters have long ago proved themselves as an effective stimulant of the male reproductive system and have been in the list of aphrodisiacs. Their positive effect on the potency due to the increased content of the rare, but important amino-acids, and zinc, all of this enabled the production of the male sex hormone testosterone and increases the volume of semen. In addition, dopamine oysters available that contributes to the increase of the potency. A maximum effect can oysters be achieved through the consumption of raw, since each of the heat-treatment reduces considerably the proportion of biologically active substances.

Scientists have found that these amino acids and zinc, more in the body of the mollusc in the spring – in the time of their active multiplication. To eat, therefore, for the enhancement of the potency of the best oysters, fish, especially in the spring.

  • Not very common in our latitudes, but very useful products for the potency of men, the flesh of sharks and rays. In him, there is a special stimulant, male Libido, what is it the Chinese will appreciate.
  • Fish. Particularly useful for male potency, some species of fish. For example, flounder, for optimum erection at the best of each, except fried, as. Useful, well-boiled mackerel, contains phosphorus and male hormones, thereby increasing to the Libido.
  • Mussels. This product is indispensable for the enhancement of potency in men, because the shells have such positive properties: increases the blood levels of male hormones, the volume of the seeds, contain an important Element for the health of the man – of zinc.
Goat's milk

Quite useful are also Can, where they can be added to the same fish as a side dish or as a main dish. Here are the most effective types for this purpose are:

  • Kohl's;
  • all varieties of onions;
  • Salad;
  • Beet;
  • radishes;
  • Celery;
  • Pepper;
  • Garlic;
  • Asparagus.

You give the body the vitamins, which is especially necessary for the regulation of hormone levels, the gain of potency. If an enrichment for the daily diet listed men in raw and heat-treated Form, and then increasingly, not only his sexual function, but also health in General.


In the quality of the dark chocolate, there are many of the Alkaloid theobromine (similar to caffeine) and phenethylamine, the effect of which increases the Libido and gives the feeling of love. Antioxidants, present in chocolate, improves health and mood, create a favorable environment for the normal operation of the Penis.

It's only about the dark varieties of chocolate, in which not less than 65% cocoa, and used him in small doses. Milk "chocolate" is totally useless, such as fillers, except nuts.

Liquid chocolate or cocoa can also have a positive influence on the potency. But this method to increase the potency is not suitable for men with a precarious pressure, the diseased liver or pancreas.

If you have to ask, what foods are good for the potency of the men in the daily use, then the answer is clearly nuts. In them, a lot of vitamins B and E, Magnesium and zinc, especially those that have a positive impact on the condition of the reproductive organs. This arginine, which the body produces for a full-fledged erection nitric oxide.

To strengthen the potency in the daily diet of various nuts should add:

  • Almond;
  • Hazelnut;
  • Walnuts;
  • Cashew and others.

The Duo's dates with almonds increases not only the potency but also increases the amount and quality of ejaculate, allows the duration of copulation due to the high content of sugar in fruits.

Quail eggs

For those men that have a Problem with potency, quail eggs are a must-have. If you increase daily, sexual desire, and for the relatively short period of time the man will be able to several orgasms.

In a small quail egg egg contains 3 times more substances (iron, phosphorus, potassium), to increase potency, as in a large hen's egg, and there are no harmful cholesterol for the cardiovascular System. In addition, quail eggs, active elements are excreted in the location, radio, enhance immunity, increase the level of hemoglobin, to normalize blood pressure, in which many of the participants in the activity of the reproductive organs amino acids. These eggs raw can drink 4-5 per day, without the fear of contamination with Salmonella and other diseases.

But there are also the contraindications of such therapy, the men were not suitable, the problems of Assimilation of proteins, liver disease and kidney disease.

Berries and fruits

It is also known that products to increase potency in men. This is especially true for raspberries, strawberries, mangoes, bananas, grapes and many other fruits. Fresh or dried, these gifts of nature improve, increase sexual stamina and Libido.

Daily intake of nuts in the diet, potency can muster

In citrus fruits aphrodisiacs that contain long been known as powerful stimulants of potency, the male Libido.

Pomegranates contain antioxidants, the occurrence of cancer, in particular prostate cancer. This allows you to increase the potency of almost such as viagra. If you drink a daily glass of pomegranate juice, which will rejuvenate the body, and the potency of man's increase. It is no coincidence, in the East before sexual intercourse men a hand ate full of pomegranate grains.

But a coward is not only the product to increase male potency, erectile function, but also has a positive effect on kidney, heart and liver.

Perga has a comprehensive impact on the body. It is the Pollen of the plants, in other words, your male sex cells, the treatment in the body of the bees. In Perge large content of proteins, which men need for maintaining the Libido. For high potency requires a large amount of energy, which is also much in Perge are simple carbohydrates (glucose, fructose) are absorbed quickly by the body with instant release of energy.

Therefore bee you can. use the products for potency in men fast action, as it caused a sharp increase in the production of testosterone in the body The work of the cardiovascular system, the better blood flow to the Penis and strengthening the erection strengthens it. That is, Perga holistic cures male impotence.

To increase potency, enough to eat every day, about 10 G of bee, and in the case of impotence, the dose should be increased after consultation with the doctor. You need to choose a beautiful fresh bee for the treatment, at the best with the apiary – only in this case, the effect is noticeable.

It is known that some drinks are in addition to the replenishment of the level of fluid in the body, and a refreshing effect in the location, also the sexual function in men improve. Which products increase potency in men? This particular fresh-pressed and fruit juices, ginger tea and Mare's milk. When these drinks regularly, so you can not only to the solution of problems with erection, but also for the General strengthening of the organism

Freshly squeezed juices


If you consider what foods are good for male potency in the highest degree Standard-Standard to call here, pomegranate juice, blood circulation and improving the oxygen supply to the pelvic organs stimulates. They contain nitrogen compounds relieve vessels spasm with blood. Further advantages of the use of the use of trace elements and vitamins, which are so rich pomegranate juice bring.


Pumpkin is also one of the products, positive factors of influence on the male force, so pumpkin juice is very helpful in the solution of such problems. Its use is available in the pumpkin zinc and the trace element is very important for the functioning of the male reproductive system.


The products for increasing potency in men of watermelon and the juice, the need do not wring – just eat a few slices of watery berries. In water melon juice a lot of the amino acid citrulline, which converts in the human body in a arginine, the blood vessels to enlargement of the gaps in the blood, improve blood circulation, and this is the key to strong erections.

  1. The branches of the pine. Put the chopped fresh sprigs in a saucepan of medium size. You fill it with tap water, set on the stove and turn off the heat. If the content of dishes to cook, captured a quarter of an hour, take from the stove and leave it on for 14-15 hours. Extract must acquire a brown color. It is used for the bathrooms in a ratio of 1 to 40. Home remedies you want to an hour in hot water and bathe not less than one. Useful elements will be absorbed in activities in the composition of the jaw in the skin and to improve male potency.
  2. The healing flower tincture. With regular use, this Tool will help the potency increase. To cook them, mix them in a bowl with a volume of 1-2 liters of flowers straw flowers and Calendula, milled Valerian root and dried herb St. John's wort in a ratio of 2:1:3:3. The resulting collection pour boiling water. Let it cool, and take two tablespoons before each meal.
  3. Nettle wine. Pour 25 grams of seeds to three cups of red Vintage wine. Leave in a dark cool place for 7-8 days. Before each meal drink 20-25 ml of the tincture.

Traditional recipes to increase potency in men

Goat's milk not only gives the feeling of satiety man after a hard day's work, but also the possibility of the sexual act, regardless of the state of fatigue. Sexologists recommend you drink a glass of this milk, and in the evening before dinner, foreboding sexual relationship.

Milk contains a sufficient amount of vitamins A, B, C, and E, a positive impact on the health and Libido. The regular consumption of goat milk can prevent normal sexual disorders, improve erection, impotence in men.

It is recommended that at least one glass of milk per day for the maintenance of male power and endurance. You can combine it with chopped walnuts,which enhances the effect ten-fold.

  • Walnut it's safe to say that it is the most useful nut of all. It contains an incredible amount of Vitamin A, B, C, E, K and essential minerals. Much zinc is able to increase the level of testosterone, and this hormone improves the potency. The right recipe — nuts with honey. Honey, the effect of the components, amplifies them and adds. Doctors recommend that men eat daily walnut, at least ten;
  • Almonds — so man needed for the maintenance of good health. It contains a lot of Vitamin B, and important components such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, Magnesium. The uniqueness of mandelic acid in the arginine is a special amino, improves blood circulation, which has an excellent effect on the potency;
  • Fish and fish dishes are an important part of the male diet
  • Pistachio — this Oriental nuts are not in vain so popular and have the Status of an aphrodisiac. The fact that they operated in four major component for men's health: zinc, folic acid, arginine and unsaturated fats. Folic acid increases the quality of sperm, and unsaturated fats to "kill" cholesterol. The recommended serving of pistachio nuts per day — up to 100 grams;
  • Pine nuts is not a common product, but a very useful. Content of vitamins and mineral all of the beyond expectations materials. Regular consumption of pine nuts in the food guarantees the increased effectiveness and quality of prevention of impotence;
  • The salt is a sodium and an excess adversely affects the "male power". The food should not overdo, a little seasoning salt for the extraction of taste, but;
  • Sugar is not always glucose, which is necessary for the supply of an organism by energy. The sugar is reduced in today's fast food Libido;
  • Fast food has no nutrients and saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars. The frequent consumption of fast Food provokes concentration in the male body the female hormone estrogen, and in a consequence and the reduction in Libido;
  • Soda and drinks, the excess sugar is harmful to health;
  • Soy contains too much of the female hormone, not the desired male body;
  • Caffeine is a substance capable of killing the testosterone molecule;
  • Alcohol inhibits the Libido and activity of sperm.

Before you consult any of the methods of folk medicine with a doctor.

What should

The potency not only increases the presence of the right foods in the diet, but also the prevention of harmful to be. Recommended, not in the menu products have a negative impact on male health:

  • fat meat;
  • Canned fish;
  • Butter, Margarine;
  • Liver pate;
  • fat cheese;
  • Sausages;
  • smoked;
  • Bakery;
  • sugary sodas;
  • fast Food;
  • Caffeine;
  • Alcohol.

Fish for the potency. Useful components contained in fish

Recommended beverages for the health of men:

  • Black Coffee.
  • Green Tea.
  • Juice from the berries.
  • Orange juice.
  • Vegetable juices.
  • Decoction of rose hips.

Drinks, especially coffee, with spices – cardamom, thyme, cloves, black pepper. They are natural analogues of Viagra, and contribute to the increase of erectile function, stimulate the Libido.

Of particular importance in the prevention and treatment of impotence has a decoction of rose hips. It is rich in Vitamin C, the immune-stimulant and a powerful antioxidant. Drink means should be twice per week:

  1. For the preparation you will need a tablespoon of fruit pour a glass of boiling water;
  2. Cook for 10 minutes;
  3. Then cover and wait until the broth is cooled.
  4. Consumed during the day.

Fish is a nutritious and healthy product with many trace elements and vitamins. For strong male health, doctors also dishes of fish regularly in the diet.

Non-oily fish contains:

  • Vitamins A, D and E;
  • Fatty acids;
  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • Oysters are rich in zinc
  • Iodine;
  • Iron;
  • Calcium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Magnesium.

Out of all the varieties you can choose, such as:

  • Mackerel — it has a Protein is very easily digestible. In your important minerals, such as iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, and fluorine-concentrated so. The regular consumption of mackerel in the diet result in an increased Libido (sex drive) and improve erectile function;
  • Salmon — this fish is rich in zinc, sodium, and chromium. The consumption of pink salmon to fill in the body of the missing quantity of vitamins;
  • Tuna fish — incredibly rich in vitamins. It contains the whole group of vitamins, Vitamin A, and PP. Qualitative tuna fish, saturated fats, Omega-3 is a regulator of metabolism in the body. Tuna is able to not only improve your potency, but deliver of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system in regular use;
  • Saithe — rich in trace elements, which for the "male power". There is a lot of iodine, cobalt, potassium and phosphorus. If you regularly consume Pollack, increases Libido, and get rid of impotence problems;
  • Cod is a rare product ,but with a lot of useful substances. There are Vitamin B12, C and A. the zinc content is very large.