As for the improvement of potency in men the natural way

Men in any age are not immune to problems with potency. Today, it is not surprising that young men have erectile dysfunction of any kind.

Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of the erectile dysfunction is a physical Trauma or Stress can, where and follow. Problems with potency can have as unnatural, temporary and permanent.

Hesitate to see a doctor, often men rely on the help of synthetic drugs, and completely forget about the fact that the improvement of erection and can by natural means.

A definite Plus of most synthetic drugs immediate increase in potency, but by preventing some tips on how to improve the health of men, may be in trouble.

The increase in the potency of natural methods

  1. The first and most important is proper nutrition, plays a fundamental role in the full functioning of the whole organism. Be consumed vitamins, fresh vegetables from the garden and fruit – the key to success. The man needed only vitamins and minerals, like C,E, zinc, selenium and Essential B-vitamins in the diet are the following products: walnuts, honey, garlic, legumes, egg yolks, chocolate, and stewed carrots in milk.
  2. Execution of special exercise, the are able to improve the potency, namely, the improvement of blood circulation, especially in the organs of the small pelvis. These kind of physical exercises do not take that much time, but enough are efficient.
  3. The enemy of potency obesity
  4. The importance of Vitamin D on the function of the male reproductive system is enormous. The receptors of this vitamin in the testes, the seminiferous tubules, the prostate gland in men. Vitamin D is associated with a reduced testosterone production, with impaired parameters of the semen of the decrease in the total number of sperm, percentage of sperm with normal morphology and the decrease in the mobility levels. Therefore, for the preservation of men's health and energy, it is important to have regular intake of Vitamin D. today, there are several forms of vitamin D, but for adults're most comfortable chewable tablets. They contain 25 micrograms (1000 IU) Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) by the Form of the publication in the Form of chewable tablets may not require any convenient time, zapivaniya water.
  5. The presence of sexual desire in men directly associated with testosterone – the male sex hormone. Accordingly, the lower level of testosterone leads to a decrease in the potency and, therefore, the sexual possibilities. To fall in middle-aged men, testosterone levels slowly begin.
  6. The main enemy of potency obesity. In addition, the availability of obesity brings with it a number of other disorders, such as Diabetes, for example.
  7. Lack of exercise is able to have a negative influence on potency. In the ideal case, if the type of activity of the man associated with physical activity.
  8. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs – the worst enemies of potency
  9. Stress and experiences of various kinds to inhibit the sexual function.
  10. Sleep – the guarantee of health, he is in a pleasant and comfortable environment and to the duration of at least eight hours.

What there are natural methods to improve the potency?

  1. Three raw cloves of garlic per day in the best way influence on the improvement of the potency
  2. Useful for the reproductive system are pumpkin seeds, which are eaten in any Form.
  3. Honey with nuts
  4. Honey applications, and honey in its purest Form, perfectly enhances masculinity. A proven means to naturally increase the potency – is the use of equal parts of honey, nuts, walnuts and Aloe juice.
  5. Another effective means of around the time of the erection is a normal mustardthat you need to be on the feet. Mustard is able to cause active tide of blood that go from the feet directly into the sex organs.

5 great ways to improve the potency in men

  1. Every day you eat a lot of vegetables and lean red meat with herbs.
  2. To increase In regular intervals the sound, by the adoption of the baths with Shilajit.
  3. Do hot and cold showers or baths for the organs of the small pelvis.
  4. A small amount of walnut in the daily diet, whether it be almond, cedar, or walnut.
  5. Daily tomato juice drink and a small amount of red wine.


The best prevention potency – strengthening of mental health. Lead to sexual disorders inappropriate behavior in the second half, his cold in bed.

Experts are in impute, if you have a constant at the proper Hygiene of the body and install the end of the mental relationship of the opposite sex with the special, then you can avoid the development of serious diseases. And finally, you may potency is not abused medical drugs, need to increase, without consultation in the professional.

To stick easier to the simple rules, then for the next few years, you can forget about the loss of male power.

Vibro-Stimulator to increase the potency

The improvement of potency to home helps Vibro Stimulator for men Viberect.

He vibrates at high frequencies, stimulating the active receptors of the skin of the head, those sensitive to such influence. To transmit a strong Signal on sexual Stimulus cavernous nerve centers of the brain and of the spinal cord, the for the sexual reflexes.

In consequence, an erection is created.

Physical exercises for muscle building

The device shows in the neurogenic, psychogenic, hormonal and vascular impotence.

Physical exercises for muscle building

Sport is certainly necessary, but the General gymnastics is ineffective in questions of improvement of potency.

In this case, you need special exercises:

  1. A formal step. First of all, the Position is very simple – the Stand straight, and the hands just lowered. The essence of these fundamental exercises is to occur with the start position start, lift the knee high, to the point to press on the abdomen.
  2. The Bridge. Lying on his back with half-bent knees, must be firmly supported with your feet on the ground. The hands lying around along the body, while the back is completely in contact with the ground. With the starting position, begin to slowly raise and lower her pelvis.
  3. You hold the stone. A very simple and productive exercise. The initial position, as in the first exercise, only with the knees slightly bent. The essence of the exercise is that the tension of the gluteus squats even more and then relax. Reach feels, as the ass cheeks together, brick presses, and then it sinks.
  4. The muscles of potency. This exercise is the basis for the increase of potency. The original Position must be the same as in exercise number two. The legs move a little apart, then start to charge alternately, and then relax the muscles of the potency. These muscles are located in the interior of the body, it is as a continuation of the member, only to the inside. If the exercise properly, then there is the feeling that held back the urge of urination.

The increase in the potency with natural remedies

The improvement in the potency of genuine folk medicine, it is quite possible, only such methods, one must not abuse it.

The same yellow card can potency to increase with an incredible speed. You need to the belly Butter to lubricate and attach to this place a yellow card, previously soaked in warm water. Keep a yellow card must be 5-10 minutes.

This popular method is absolutely aggressive to him, we must not abuse it. A to increase extra method potency of the decoction of nettle is.

Pour enough dried nettle leaves with boiling water, you can add honey and give to cool down the Infusion. Prior an hour before Sex is wondrous for Infusion must take place after the inside AO.

Vacuum, injection, prolactin, and surgery to increase the potency

Almost all of the cases the reduction in potency can be solved thanks to modern medicine.

  1. An erection to increase, you can use the vacuum-constructive correction, which with ease to stimulates the blood circulation. This Option must, prior to the employment of Sex, because it has no permanent effect. And it is necessary to notice, that it is not the most effective.
  2. Injection
  3. Injections give great results. Injections in the tail, a magnificent erection.
  4. Hormone therapy requires preliminary studies, but is also quite efficient.
  5. The surgical Intervention is carried out only rarely, only in the most extreme cases. Penile prosthesis only, if there are other ways to increase erection already tried and no results. This is the latest fashion, but it is better not to treat. First of all, we need to try all of the methods described above.

The absence of a sexual life in the family is able to destroy it.

So far, there are a variety of generic methods and Folk, of course, which is really the Problem of the recovery of potency. The return of the male force and conviction – the reality of the present day.

Every man deserves to be successful and sexually active. You can't be immune to all sorts of problems with the potency, but you can solve them all.